How To Connect With Your Twin Flame In 5D

How To Connect With Your Twin Flame In 5D

This video covers how 5D communication (deliberate and in- deliberate) works. What is recommended, what isn’t and why. Most of all, what “messages” and energies and conducive to Union and which works against it.

(See my first video on this subject How To Connect With Your Twin Flame)

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2 thoughts on “How To Connect With Your Twin Flame In 5D

  1. This video was a game changer for me… Thanks Elise!! EXACTLY what I needed to hear! (That’s the way it works, I’m gleaning…) Energy all vacuumed up, back, & feeling a lot better already! (Couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so drained & void, & how to fix it.) def a missing piece of the puzzle come to light! So grateful! 👍💖

    1. Ok, just had to add one thing, cause I think I just got it…this is the key to fully being in “self love”. The taking back of all of the energy that I have been expending & not even knowing it. Vaccuming up all of the need, the expectations, the outside validation & acceptance that I’ve been laying on others. Somehow by doing that it becomes transmuted. & by giving all that energy back to yourself, you feel whole again. Completely full. That was the piece I was missing this whole time. I would be in the vortex, try to stay in the love but couldn’t sustain it because so much other energy was pouring out. Holy expletive! I think I got it! 💖💖💖 (again, super grateful!)

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