Twin Flame Union Imminent Reading 13

Twin Flame Union Imminent Reading 13

“Your Truth Is Fair and Just” – Spirit gave this to me recently, and it was depicted here, yet again.

Are you avoiding your heart pull in the name of “Fairness”? What about what is fair to you?

Are you basking in the goodness and love that is now? That is the only way to invite more…

This reading depicts the return to love. Remembering a time when love was sweet, and not only going back to that, but bringing it into your now and your future. There are some blocks along the way, but we got the tools to get you through to the other side…


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  1. Hey Elise,
    You had mentioned you had a video on making your intentions pure, but I can’t find it, unfortunately. Could you please post a link to it if you get the chance? Thank you so much!

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