DETACHMENT-Manifest Twin Flame Union Master Class (Section 5)

DETACHMENT-Manifest Twin Flame Union Master Class (Section 5)

1) The difference between a person in union and a person not in union
2) How to change your story
3) What it means when they run from you
4) What keeps you hooked
5) Neutralize obsession
6) Calling out common mistakes
7) What to do when you cannot detach
8) How to make your worry dissipate
9) What’s blocking you?
10) How to “Hold On” properly (what are you holding on to?)
11) what to do when “it’s not working”
12) Resolve disagreements effortlessly (If you’re having an issue with someone, it’s always because of this one thing…)
13) What to do when you cant detach
14) Best mantra to help you transform very quickly
15) Using attachment to your advantage

“The energy that I channeled during the time I was suffering from attachment/obsession was different than what I was tapping into, once the attachments and obsession was lifted.

At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing, because the intensity of the “Love” that I had felt didn’t seem to be there. But I came to realize that I had been confusing love with attachment. I had been confusing needing, wanting, missing and longing with love, as most people do.

This doesn’t invalidate my experience of the love that I knew before I came into a truer sense of the word. Love is as you experience it to be. And there is always a purer sense of love available for us to experience. but, in retrospect, this is important to understand, because as you ascend and experience detachment, some of the intense sensations will lift. Sometimes when people stop experiencing negative emotions, they think something is wrong with them, or that they have lost ability to feel. But, consider that you have become so accustomed to negative emotions that there are some negative energies that you mistook for positive ones.

Love, in its purest form, is the opposite of lack. It is fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment, bliss, joy, ecstasy. All feelings resembling longing, wanting, waiting, & missing are impure interpretations of love.

Most people don’t want to detach because they think that they would have to stop loving in order to detach. This isn’t true. You cannot stop loving, you can only cover up the fact that you do. Are you willing to come to know love in A truer, purer form? Detachment means A deepening of your understanding of love can take place. Detachment means your love won’t be distracted by feelings of lack or fear.

Love knows that all is well. Love wants for nothing. Love has everything it wants. Love knows all needs are met. Love knows there’s is always more to come. Love knows it’s just around the corner. Love waits for nothing and no one. Love lives in this moment, now.

Attachment isn’t love, it’s doubt. That’s why it doesn’t feel good. By detaching, You’re not sacrificing the possibility of being with this person, you’re letting go of everything that is holding you back.”

-Manifest Twin Flame Union Master Class
Section 5, Detachment




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