Humans very often confuse love with feelings of missing, wanting, needing and longing. Finding yourself missing someone often leads to thinking you love them. The more you “need” them, the more you think you love them. But, missing, needing, wanting and longing are feelings of lack, not love.
Characterizing love in this way disempowers you from transforming these feelings into actual love and channeling them into a productive, life enhancing energy. It only takes one moment of recognition to flip this energy and use it constructively. To beget more of the same and support a virtuous cycle of love, instead of a viscous cycle of lack. When you misunderstand love as longing, you will associate love with pain, which most humans do. But, when you learn that the missing part is not the love part, now you’ve got the right idea. Now, you can come into pure appreciation for what they have brought you and the fire that they inspire you to.
Let us also remember that IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MANIFESTATION! They are only yesterday’s dream in form! You are still creating through them!! They are only your excuse to feel good. They are your inspiration! And you can keep Manifesting through them, or not. But in that moment of experiencing love and appreciation through them, that’s all the work you need to do. You will notice that once you flip that energy into true love/appreciation for them, you will get an impulse to act/channel the energy. You will feel inspired to do something positive. Love begets more of the same and behind every negative/lack emotion is a positive equivalent. When you flip it and tap into that equivalent, you have, in that moment, harnessed a POWERFUL creative energy. EMOTION manifests shit fast!! But it’s difficult to simply conjure emotion without inspiration, u know? That’s what you have your Twin for. So, when you’re not channeling the energy appropriately, instead of creating powerfully (expanding) you’ll be chasing them, trying to get their energy (vampire). All the while, it’s not about them, or even the interaction. It’s about you and what you’re doing with this inspiration to love. Are you using it for good, or bad? Are you focusing, harnessing and creating? Or are you focusing, chasing and blaming?
My entire blog was completely channeled from the love inspired by my False Twin Flame. (Until I broke The Illusion) Because I chose to transform it and channel that energy constructively, I created a platform that now, inspires all of you. Talk about spreading love.
Now, go and channel something amazing with all that Twin Flame Love 🔥🔥😘

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