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Yes, It is possible to attract a specific person into your life.

The reason this is not generally taught, as a commonly recommended method, is because it is VERY difficult to do, and it requires a very attuned sense of self and intuition. Half of the game is knowing how to play. Knowing how to play this game involves knowing when to stop. You’ve gotta know your limitations, because you can’t be anywhere besides where you are. How do you know where you are? If you feel great, or at ease, it’s working. If you feel bad, sad, depressed or discouraged, skip to an alternative focus or method. My recommendation is to alternate this method with total and complete surrender. I think that you have to already have mastered detachment from outcome in order to properly apply this method. That’s why I do think this method is advanced. It WILL backfire, if not used correctly. Know when to quit.

We are the God’s of our Universe’s. We CAN do whatever we want. TECHNICALLY, you are looking through your own two eyes at YOUR Universe, and Technically, everything outside of you is a hologram. A figment of your imagination and you are God. All That you see is your creation. People (and everything else) are created by you. You create their behavior. Yes, YOU! You assemble them in your mind, with your thoughts about them. True Story!
So, Here is what you have to do to attract a specific person to you, and here’s why it’s so difficult…

This person already exists in your mind. You have created them. You have assigned them attributes. You have made assumptions about them and made associations with them. You have seen their behavior, and attributed them a “personality”. They have characteristics, and you have expectations. They are already a formed manifestation of your ideas about them. Whatever they are doing, you did that, somehow. What you have to do is COMPLETELY disassemble them in your mind, subconscious and consciousness. Then, rebuild.

You have to deconstruct all thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and associations with them, come up with a blank canvas. Construct it how you want it to be, slap their face on it, and make SURE that you DO NOT bring any of the old ideas into your new painting of them. Make sense?

If you feel bad, AT ALL when you are thinking of them, you are bringing in the old version and its clouding up your new creation. So, this will take some major shifting on your part to accomplish.

To help yourself rebuild this character, You basically gotta pretend that you are constructing a brand new lover, and then, when you aren’t paying much attention, and you’re flying high, slap their face on it from time to time as a gradual thing.

Every day, clean slate this character. and make a list of all the energetic qualities that you want them to have, or that you want to evoke from them. Include mostly, how you want this relationship between you to FEEL. Make for CERTAIN that you are in a VERY good space when you are doing this. Perhaps meditate beforehand. You do not want to muddy the waters of your new creation while doing this process.

Only think of them when you are high flying. KNOW the existence of this brand new, perfection of a lover you have just attracted. See it as already in the bag! Imagine them smiling at you, and doing all the amazing things you know they’re going to do for you, but, experience it NOW. Like watching a movie in your mind. The Universe doesn’t know the difference. If you are not flying high, do something else, take a nap, go have fun, but don’t think of them.

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