“Why Don’t I Manifest Union?…”

“Why Don’t I Manifest Union?…”

This is the problem, is that when THEY REFUSE TO GIVE U WHAT U WANT, YOU SAY “THEY” HAVE THE PROBLEM. the alternative is not to bash yourself, question your worthiness, or blame yourself. But, AS THE SOLE CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY, YOU ARE THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING THAT DOES OR DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. YOUR TWIN FLAME DOES NOT EVEN EXIST OUTSIDE OF YOU. The only reason you don’t know that well enough is because your hand doesn’t go through them when you touch them, but it may as well. They have no choice but to be responsive to what you are eliciting most powerfully from them, vibrationally/telepathically. I know that this can be so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can “know” this for years and work on yourself, and get nowhere!!!! Knowing, “it’s me, somehow, I am creating this.” But, do you feel the disempowerment in that, still? THE SOLUTION IS NOT TO CONTROL THE SITUATION BY CONTROLLING OR ETERNALLY FIXING YOUR BROKEN SELF. NO. I think most people on the walls of this group take on that approach. “it’s my fault, so I am fucked up and I have to fix myself. THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION AND THAT IS NOT THE THOUGHT THAT YIELDS UNION. HERE IS WHAT YIELDS UNION, ARE YOU READY?: Focusing on “growth” is not the answer, because inside that intention is this acknowledgement that “I am imperfect. I am not there yet. I have issues” So, you are actually highlighting the issues and perceived brokenness, but most importantly, by trying to fix a problem you highlight the problem most significantly. The outlook that attracts union is HAPPY. Now, happiness and growth really are significantly related. Twins ;), but, the slight variance in the intention and focus is all it takes to tip the scales in a far different direction. One that does not end in a vicious loop going nowhere satisfying. If you seek happiness and an eternally optimistic outlook, you cannot help but to learn. BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF LEARNING IS TO BE HAPPY. I ASKED MY GUIDES (ABRAHAM), WHY I HAD TO LEARN SO MUCH, IF THE WHOLE POINT OF IT ALL IS SO SIMPLE. TO BE HAPPY. TO MAKE IT EASY AND SIMPLE, TO BE OK, TO JUST BE HAPPY AND JOYFUL!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAID? “You had to learn that much so you could KNOW how to just be ok. How to just be happy. How to just be simple” OMG, GUYS, THAT’S THE POINT OF IT ALL, AND IF YOU GET THAT POINT, YOU WOULD MANIFEST UNION SO INCREDIBLY FAST!!!! But, if you have to be on an eternal search for answers and growth and truth for 20 years (like me) so that you can figure out how to be happy, then that is your very valid process. But it’s just a detour. EVERYTHING IS JUST A STORY. YOUR PAST AND YOUR INTERPRETATIONS OF THAT PAST. THE TWIN FLAME EXPERIENCE IS JUST A STORY WE CREATE TO MANIFEST A VERY AMAZING EXPERIENCE (THAT’S WHY U HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR STORY TO ATTRACT UNION) WHO YOU ARE AND WHO THEY ARE AND WHY, IS JUST A STORY. If you want to get to the heart of the matter and get to it fast, just be happy. If you don’t know how to be happy, now, you have your heading. But, its not about anything but being happy and if you know that, you might shorten your trip and have a much more pleasant one. Don’t get it twisted. Stop telling stories you don’t want to manifest. Be better at managing your thoughts, they manifest. Whatever I think yesterday, manifests today. I have to be REALLY good at managing my thoughts because the more conscious you become, the faster the manifestations role in. So, it’s this dance of becoming more aware, managing your thoughts, seeing the feedback loop and adjusting. YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE FINE. YOU DON’T NEED THEM. THERE IS NO URGENCY HERE. YOU CAN BE HAPPY DOING A MILLION OTHER THINGS THAT SERENDIPITOUSLY AND SUDDENLY WOULD LEAD TO THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW. BUT, DON’T NEED TO EARN YOUR MANIFESTATIONS BY TRYING TO FIGURE SOMETHING OUT TO CREATE THIS STORY TO MAKE IT BELIEVABLE TO YOU. YOU ARE ALREADY HERE, WORTHY AND U CAN RECEIVE IT NOW. EVERYTHING ELSE U CREATE IS JUST A STORY, GUYS. CREATE THE ONE THAT IS HAPPY AND WORTHY RIGHT NOW.
-SOURCE: Jasmine Seer Manifest Twin Flame Union




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