Abundance Readings


First and foremost, before I became a Twin Flame Reader, I was an expert in manifesting.

It’s quite an ideal baseline to have. As I have been dealing with Twin Flames for quite some time now, and picking apart the key concepts involved in the process of becoming Love, I noticed something, that becoming one with general abundance is a teaching in itself that encompasses everything. Not just Love or Money.

But, who is teaching this?

All I ever see is either Love experts or Money experts. I never see both in one, and I have certainly never seen anyone teaching both at the same time.

….But, this can be done, and I’ll be the first to prove it.

The key concepts to Love and Money are the same, and I can show you how that is. Why focus on only Love or Money when you can focus on building both at the same time, with the same amount of effort?

This idea came to me because I have seen WAY TOO MANY Twin Flames who are not only lacking in the Love department, but also in the Money department. “Lacking”, meaning that they have less than what they want.

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This Sucks!

Because it’s very difficult to find the resources that you need to help yourself in the Love arena if you have no way to trade for even exchange, and often, you can’t get much without cash. But, people need and deserve assistance in figuring out how to attain love. So, if you are one of those people that want to find out how to attract that Love into your life, or what is going wrong, but you also could use a boost in the Money department, here is your way to get Two Birds with one stone. Tackle them both at once.

This reading is designed to be more general than the Twin Flame reading, which is actually very helpful when it comes to attraction.

This is not going to be a Twin Flame Reading as far as specifics regarding your Twin Flame or Lover, but the blocks to love will be identified and also removed from your etheric field. As part of this reading, I will also Identify the blocks to abundance, address them with you, provide instructions, resources, and remove the blocks to abundance from your field. You can expect full coverage in both arenas.


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