Align With Love/Twin Flame Readings

You Want Answers, You Want To Attract Ideal Love…

It doesn’t matter if you want to manifest your Twin Flame, Soulmate, Life Partner, or just align Love.  Understanding is key. The formula you need in order to attract your perfect match, your ideal companion, your harmonious Love, are all the same.

One Formula.

One, Perfect Match.

That’s all a Twin Flame is in the end. Your Perfect, Vibrational Match.

The Process of Attracting a Harmonious, Ideal, Love Relationship is no different than the Formula for Attracting Twin Flame Union or A Soulmate Union. Up until now, most of you have come to me for Twin Flame Readings, for which I have become a highly sought after psychic, coach and confidant. But, I have wanted to offer you something more. Something way more than the reading of their minds, or where the path between you may or may not lead, or the answer to this question “Is He/She my Twin Flame?”

These things are so trivial. Really.

I want to give you more…

What is more?

I don’t want to blunder over the details of what has happened in the past. circumstances don’t matter. I don’t want to help you predict if they will or will not ever “change”, “love” or Accept you. What they do doesn’t matter. Those things are for mundane humans who do not understand that YOU have the Power to Manifest your perfect Love into your life, right now. After all, isn’t Union what you want?

I want to give you POWER.

I want to inspire you to take back your POWER, to find your true strength…

I want to show you how to Attract Union (2)

Did you know that you have this power? Did you know that you have the ability to deliberately create to such a degree? People are doing this all the time, they just haven’t decoded “How” they did it. They are doing it on accident. Some are doing it deliberately, but I don’t see them sharing their secrets with others in a way that can be duplicated. Most don’t know how to duplicate their results. But I know exactly what I did to attract my Union.

I have already documented the process into a formula that anyone can follow, and I have already helped others duplicate my results, using that same formula.

If you are aware of the Timelines, it is proven that I channeled the Formula on How to Attract Your Ideal Lover, before I attracted it into my Life. I channeled it, I followed it and I Succeeded. Everything that I tell my clients to do, I do and I have done. I walk my talk and that’s how I know what works, what doesn’t and what elongates or quickens the path to Union.

We can’t all be experts in everything, but if each person shares their unique expertise, we can all get what we want in just a fraction of the time.

If you want advice on something, ask someone who already has what you want. They know how to get it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.35.17 AM

My Formula is Proven. If you are willing to make the changes necessary, you WILL attain an Ideal Union, Guaranteed.

How can I guarantee your success?

Because this formula is based on the Laws of The Universe. Namely, the Law of Attraction. What’s great about the Law of Attraction is that it is unbiased. It applies equally to everyone in this Universe. If you align vibrationally with a thing, you will manifest it into your reality. This fact is non-negotiable. It is Law.

For people who have been chasing love, searching for answers to their love predicaments, lost loves, Twin Flame separations and soulmate quandaries…trying their hand at every “solution” offered, to no avail…

My formula is a unique solution to a very common problem.

The Problem with most Love Gurus or Twin Flame Teachings isn’t that they don’t know about these Laws of The Universe. They all will tell you the same, that you have to align with what you want in order to attract it. But, they are pretty disorganized when it comes to telling you how to achieve vibrational alignment with manifesting your Ideal Love.

We all know we need to Love ourselves, get over our issues and stop being needy. But, has anyone really spelled out how these things are done, and in what order?

One thing that Makes my sessions unique is that they are both customized to your needs and also a preset step-by-step process.

My approach allows me to meet you where you are, while keeping you on track.

There’s a TON of great advice out there, but if you aren’t ready for it, you will never be able to use it to succeed. This is why it is most beneficial to work in an environment where your needs can be addressed as an individual.

You wouldn’t expect a 5 year old to complete tasks meant for a college student. But have you been doing this very thing to yourself?

Chances are, you have had unreasonable expectations of yourself.

That’s why it’s SO monumentally vital to have a well laid out plan that is tailored enough to keep you progressing, even when you hit a snag.


The Formula is Simple, but it isn’t easy.

  • You Must Have Solid Determination
  • Sustainable Faith
  • Enough Courage to Make Actual Changes in Your Life, Even if it Seems Difficult.
  • You must be Receptive and Trainable.
  • General Knowledge of Deliberate Creation
  • The Ability to Change Your Mind in Ways That Are Beneficial To You
  • Motivation to Do The Required Work Independently
  • You Must Want Love More Than You Want For Things To Remain The same

I want to show you how to Attract Union (3)

single sessions

You Will Receive

  • A Single, un-timed session
  • Scanning of The Energetic Body
  • Remote Healing- Removal of All Identified Blocks  (Requires Your Permission)
  • Tools, Advice, Step-by-Step Instructions, Processes tailored to you.
  • The Attraction Formula
  • Answers to Questions
  • The Mind Mastery Portion of my Remote Healing Course For FREE ($300 Value!). This Program is an essential component of Block Removal. Blocks include limiting beliefs and self defeating thoughts. Is your Mind working for you, or against you? If it was working for you, you wouldn’t be seeking my help! That’s how important it is to have a good command of your own Mind. The Mind will thwart your progress if not addressed. A very needed and equally rare solution to everyday problems and road blocks associated with the logical mind.
  • References tailored to your specific needs.
  • Well defined Goals and detailed instructions on how to reach them.

I will leave you better than I found you.

My clients experience significant improvements after just one session. Their energy is renewed, vision restored, and they have a clearly defined plan which consists of a series of steps that feels manageable to them. They understand why they are where they are and what they have to do to move forward. There is also a transfer of energy that takes placed, which is evidenced by the client experiencing a lift in their spirits by the time the session is over. My clients often experience ascension symptoms afterwards, which is a result of their vibration rising. As a result of the clearing and clarifying process, they notice that going through day to day life is a bit easier than it was before. Results vary, depending upon the resolve, determination and willingness of the client to make the shift and invest in their journey.

A Single Session with me will provide you with everything you need to reach you ultimate goal. The Path is before you. My job is to give you everything that you need, your job is to do the work.


Payments can be made via


I want to show you how to Attract Union


103 thoughts on “Align With Love/Twin Flame Readings

  1. I currently am married for 13 years an my twin flame came into my life 1 year ago an have spoke to him all this time I know he’s my Twin flame because I see him in my dreams constantly almost every night for an entire year an I don’t know what to do cause my heart starts pounding out my chest it’s like it’s gonna explode an I need advice help


    1. Actually, This blog contains over 200 posts. It is brimming with all kinds of helpful information for FREE. I have over 100 videos on youtube with detailed information. I perform a free reading every week and i have been doing a few more per week which are only $2 to view. I do my best to accommodate the MANY people who contact me daily, asking for help and advice. I work very hard to provide free and accessible information for all to see. But, if your glass is always half empty, you will NEVER have a full glass. Everything you need in order to change your life is already here. Scarcity exists only in your mind. I prefer to work with those who are already over that scarcity mindset.


  2. I came across Elise Perez’s website when I was searching for answers of what I was experiencing with my twin flame. I had spoken with so many psychics, and they were just making everything even worst for me by giving me timeframes of when I would get into union, telling me I don’t have a twin flame, and so many other things that left me confused. I had watched a lot of Elise’s videos on youtube and they are so amazing and super helpful. The one that made me book a reading was about mastering open hearted detachment. I had been doing the complete opposite, I was obsessed with my twin flame and they occupied so much of my thoughts. The healing was so helpful. Elise identified all the blocks I had and removed them. She also explained why things happened like they did with my twin flame. After a couple weeks from the reading I noticed I was becoming more and more detached from obsessing over my twin flame and wanting to be in union. I still think about my twin flame from time to time, but the difference is it’s a lighter energy of open hearted detachment and not obsession. I now have confidence that the universe will bring me union with my twin flame when I’m ready or it may even be another soul connection! She won’t tell you timeframes of when you’ll be in union, because union only comes when you have done your healing and feel whole without someone else. Her readings are all about empowerment, healing, and being the creator of your story, which I really resonate with. I highly suggest everyone who’s in a twin flame situation get a reading from Elise, or watch her videos on youtube!


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