Understanding and using The Power of Crystals as Tools of Awakening

Understanding and using The Power of Crystals as Tools of Awakening


All of you who are reading these messages are part of the First wave of ascension and have already become aware and somewhat enlightened regarding the great assistance that crystals are here to offer you in your path to ascension, enlightenment and Love.

Crystals can offer you any and all variations of energies that you are requiring,

no matter how specific your needs may be.


It is very important to understand that crystals are not only very valuable and real tools that do offer substantial and very real assistance, but also, that they are a consciousness all their own, and you can tap into the consciousness of their being. It is very possible to open pathways of communication to telepathically connect with your very important crystal friends. For, that is what they are placed here to do. They are planted here, as very special and unique energetic forces to connect with you and assist you, as you assist in the rising of Gaia.


There is abundant assistance available to you on all possible fronts. Physical and non-physical. Crystals are simply physically manifested tools that you have become aware of. There are many more physical, as well as non-physical tools, but crystals are quite effective, multi-dimensional tools, meant to assist you in bridging the gaps and thinning the veils between realms.

How To Open Communication with Your Crystals

Crystals are like pets, you have to do some research in order to take care of them properly. You need to know their specific requirements and needs in order to keep them happy and in best condition to assist you in the way that they were designed. Crystals emit, transmit, transmute, and absorb energy. Crystals require cleansing of old energies and charging in order to replenish their own energies. All crystals like sage, moonlight and nature. Sage your crystals to cleanse their energies and keep them happy. This can be better than using water to cleanse. Some crystals, such as Selenite, do not do well with water, and even purified water may not have vibrational energies as pure as the sage smudge. Using Salt, Rice and Lavender to cleanse your crystals is also a safe method. Simply place the crystals in any of these 3 items for about an hour to clear the energies and get them ready to replenish.


Look up the best way to charge each crystal you own. Some crystals prefer sunlight and some prefer moonlight. Sitting your crystals on the earth, at the base of a plant or grass overnight is a safe method for charging them. Selenite does not like sunlight. Do your research on your particular crystal.

Once your crystals feel cared for and happy with their needs being met, you will open up more pathways for communicating with them. Just like a pet 😉

Crystals will initially communicate with you, simply by making you feel drawn to them. You will be drawn to the crystals you needs the most, because they will be calling to you. Trust in that initial communication.

Crystals are like plants. They subtly tell you what they need, where they want to be placed, if they feel ignored or if they want to be picked up. You will simply receive little thoughts as ideas or impressions regarding where to place them or where to put them. You will get an intuitive feeling about which stone to use, how long to meditate with them or where they are wanting to go. Place your crystals in rooms where you spend time in. Place them in plants when you are not using them, or in areas lit by sunlight, on the windowsill or next to a Himalayan Salt lamp. This will help keep them happy between overnight charges and cleanings.


Thank your crystals and listen to them. You will notice stronger connections as you take the time and effort to do so.

Don’t worry about doing the “wrong thing” with your crystal. making the effort is a signal to them that you are caring for them. it is a sign of love and it counts. Simply do some research regarding the best ways to care for your crystals and do not forget the immense value that these significant tools provide for you along your Journey.

Making Crystal Water

making crystal water is very easy to do and crystal water is an effective way to use the energies of your crystals for positive change. Not only does it literally change your water, but it helps you absorb the energies that they crystals have to offer. Ingesting crystal water regularly is an effective way to raise the vibration and take on the energies that the crystal provides.

Once your crystal is cleansed and charged, simply place it in purified water that you intend to drink. Inside a gallon jug of water or a water bottle. The water will take on the properties of the crystal. give your crystal at least 24 hours of time inside the water for optimal energetic results. Do not make crystal water with crystals that do not respond well to water.

Crystal water is an easy way to keep yourself immersed in the energies of the crystals you have.

Making Moon Water


Crystals love Moon water and its’ easy to make. Simply place the water in the moonlight overnight (Full Moon is best) and your water is charged by morning. You can use this water to make your crystal water or to cleanse your crystals. be sure to use purified water to place crystals in and meditate the energy of love/appreciation/intention on your water for added benefits.


I use crystal water every day, in all my water and I have noticed an immense difference. I have also been using crystals in other ways than this, but I can attest to the reality of the assistance that crystals provide when used.

Thank you <3

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