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Cosmic Energy Update “Your Time is Now”

Cosmic Energy Update “Your Time is Now”

Goddess Quote

We are here to remind you of what you already know. But, Humans like reminders. To be shown more than once. It makes them feel “secure” in their knowing, when many things hang in the balance of their decisions. Many of you are being faced with difficult decisions. Decisions to stay or to go. We would like to ask you, what does your heart say? Do you know?

If you do not know, it will soon become clear, and then unmistakable, and then a thorn in your side. Do you see what happens when you ignore the call? When you have decided to withhold action that is required of you to reach your highest resting place? This is not for us, but for you. We are servants to you. We have come to assist you. For, you are all very brave in coming here to this world. Where, you have chosen to be blind to the Universal Truths and to tread on in this plan to bring clarity from confusion and light from darkness. Where you have chosen to forge a path from nothing. There is a great many resources available to you, but you must discover them and the discovery of them is not worth anything if you then do not utilize the assistance coming to you. Have you utilized the resources that have made their way to you? Have you utilized the assistance which has come to you?

…And.. what is love? If not to follow your heart. And if love cannot flourish, then what is the meaning of this existence? Are we not here to honor our discovery of love? To behold it’s jewels and flowers? To savor each lingering bliss? To find the electricity one could otherwise miss? One decision to break away can change your path in innumerable ways. Butterfly effect, destiny, don’t let it walk by, don’t lose faith, let yourself take lead….

We are here because you do not fully realize the reverberations of your actions and inaction thereof.


We tire of watching as so many of you miss opportunities that you would have otherwise had. Not because the signal did not alert you. Not because your heart did not call to you. Not because your guidance did not direct you, but because you chose to ignore it, in fear…

and then… You beg, tirelessly for a different life. Making no connection to the fact that the life you asked for was rejected by you already.

Again and again, every moment is new. Yet, every moment stays the same for you.

Again and again, you beg to be different. For a life that is different, yet you resist change.

How can we change anything if you refuse to allow any alteration? Please, we only desire to assist you in achieving that which you want. You cannot see how this will be accomplished. That is where you must trust the direction that your heart guides you to. You must know that we may direct you to do things that you do not see the significance of. But, the key is in the knowing that everything is connected and has to do with every other thing. So, we make these connections that you cannot see us making. You cannot sniff out the trail until it is fairly close and certain.

Certainty is subject to change as well. As, everything else. You must trust that when things fall through, they are meant to, and that when they do, it is not because there is a loss, but because a gain is in store and the roadblocks to it must be cleared before prosperity, abundance and Love can make it’s way to you.

The Longer you spend with things that are blocking you, the less time you can spend with those things that are showing you the way to the abundance you have called. Those things you cannot let go are blocking you. They once served you, but any good thing, if given too long will become spoiled and require replacement. This is even more true for those of you reading this. For, you are a select group who has chosen to accelerate your speed into ascension, evolution and growth. Therefore, even more things must be stripped away from you in order to make room for greater and more desirable things to be had. We do not prefer this language of yours, for, a phrase such as “Stripped away” bears meaning that is not making the point we are making. You feel bare when you read it. You fear loss. You fear nakedness. You fear alone-ness when you read it. But, we wish to tell you that none of those things are true. What we mean is in the way of something which is constantly dying and constantly renewing. Constantly becoming more, just as your body does. As the cells of your body die, so you are made a-new, on a daily basis. One would not try to keep every cell. Tis so immensely better to have new life constantly in you. This is also true in your life. Your life needs new life. So much more than you know. The more you can shed the old and embrace the new, the better your life will go.

i changed

Every element flows and changes and honors the natural death and rebirth cycles. You are also nature, but you are nature that is given a choice not to die. But, if you choose not to die, you automatically die. You can feel it inside, as your body becomes more stale, and the life withers bit by tiny bit.

Once desires a fresh sense of what it is like to live. Why live only one life? One version of existence, when you can have it all? When you can do it all?

So, you often maintain stagnant existence and your existence is limited as a result.

Give into life, give into existence, give into the natural cycles of ebb, flow, death and rebirth. Only then will you see the whole of what has been trying to come to you. The LOVE that you desire resides there. On the other side of fear. In the land of allowing and of change.


Your guides will be assisting you, very soon, to direct you to these very specific changes that need to be made. Heed their tiny nudges. Listen to the urge to push onward. Push through your hesitations, reservations and fears. A new life awaits you…


Give Life a chance and Life will be Given to you…

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What You Need To Know For The Next Eclipse 2/10/17

What You Need To Know For The Next Eclipse 2/10/17

Channeled Message for February 10, 2017  Eclipse


All things are one…. Can you feel that? The Ultimate sum of everything amounts to love.

Everything is really only one thing, disguised as many things. Many lovely things. It is a deception that anything else could exist. Nothing inherently means anything, besides the meaning that you give to it… But you know this… or, do you?

We understand that you understand these things already, but do you live them? And, if you do not, then, why? Why is humanity “knowing” so many things and applying so little, if at all?

This eclipse is about coming out from behind the dark shadows of your mind. As if it was a challenge, it is not. But, we are under the impression that coming out into the open to make a shift seems somewhat difficult to you, but in theory, only. You  must, again, remind yourself that the idea of difficulty is only a perception determined by you, therefore, changed by you in just the same amount of effort as you created this illusion. Create and uncreate, neither requires more or less. It is your own perception that makes it so. It is your own perception which creates the difficulty or the ease in doing anything. Your perception is the only determining factor.

Why then, has Humanity managed to create such widespread and shared illusory effects? The illusion of unworthiness that you all share. The illusion of scarcity that you all share. The illusion of difficulty, of comparison, right and wrong, and competition?

These were created on purpose, to make life more interesting for you. Because, you have the choice. You have the choice to make things however you want them to be. But, without understanding this myriad of choices in its entirety and perfection, you have fallen into a place where these have all worked against you. You were each born to be leaders, not followers. Yet, so many of you are following and afraid to lead. So many of you are afraid to speak the authenticity of your mind. So many of you are no longer enthralled with the things you used to be, because someone told you that it wasn’t good, desired, or appropriate. Most of you do not even remember the moment in which your sparkle was dulled. Most of you cannot even remember what made your bells ring, before anyone told you what ”should” make your bells ring. Now, you are quite lost. Looking for ways to have fun, but not knowing how. Not seeing how. Looking for ways to change your life, but having no direction because your guidance was lost many years ago.

Why must this be? Only if it is your preference, should it be this way, but, we know it is not. That is why we are here, to help you help yourselves to choose. To help you understand how to make a choice. This world and your word included, is all about freedom. Freedom of choice. But, what is freedom of choice when you do not understand all of your choices? So, you must understand. And, those of you who wish to understand, will have access to this message. We hear your prayers for open eyes, and we answer you now.

You are in charge. Do you know that?


Are you what you want to be? By virtue of wanting to be something else, you prove that you already are that something else. Why would you want to be anything but that which is you to begin with? At your true self, you are in love with all aspects, models and beingness of that which is you. Therefore, you want to be you and only you. You have only to know this. You already are all that you want to be. You have only to allow yourself to be it.

So BE It.

This phrase was born on a simple concept. That one simply is all that he wishes to be. And, that by deciding to be, so it is.

Can you reach that place where you know and understand this? That you DO have choices. That you have access to ALL choices in this very moment.

Anything short of this is only a belief which you are choosing to believe in order to achieve some sort of experience. But, you can choose to change your agendas and priorities and to let go of those longer ways of going about it.

This is the key to everything for you.


Your experience is dependent upon your understanding of this. To truly know is to be.

Let that which you wish to no longer be, disappear into the shadows with the eclipse. Let the version of you that you decide to be, come into view, as the light returns to to your world.

So BE it.

Channeled Via Elise Perez

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Cosmic Energy Update 10/16

Cosmic Energy Update 10/16


Channeled Via Unity Consciousness

By now, it has become evident to you all that something is a miss. As your bodies are suddenly reacting differently to a seemingly normal Earth, and your emotional bodies are raging out over things that you wish you could move beyond. That is the point, to move beyond them. And, how would you know what is still a problem for you if it remained unseen? So, you are being shown what needs to be addressed, cleared and resolved. Receive the message and ask for help. Either from your guidance, from Source or from a person you feel guided to. We are all in this together and you are all here to help each other in one way or another. The point is, don’t forget that help is always available to you and that means you always have options. Simply ask. Some of you can only begin with your prayers. How do you know that this is not to facilitate you in understanding more fully that your prayers can create real differences in your life if you apply yourself to the task?


Some of you need to learn this. That your prayers are answered. Ask to be guided. Ask for what you want. Ask for the highest path to unfold for you. Ask for blocks to be cleared away, for good. There is no one way that things will manifest. But, if you are asking, it will be given. Do not ask for things like cars and lovers and toys. These things are fine, but they happen in the right timing. Ask for those things that are the best for you right now. Ask for your highest and greatest good to be revealed to you. Ask to be put on the fastest path to alignment with your highest path and purpose. Ask for the truth be revealed to you. Ask for god-like wisdom. Ask for anything that is in your way to be removed, Ask for more insight, to be shown the way and provided the tools necessary to walk the path you intended to walk before you arrived here.

Physical changes are taking place in your bodies. Integration of higher energies takes some time, as everything takes a little time to manifest in 3D. These changes will not last long, although uncomfortable, you all will be equipped to tolerate these changes without much trouble. The more you resist your path to ascension in any way, the more that these changes will possibly be more uncomfortable and more prolonged. Now, you can use your body as a gauge to tell you how you are doing. If you suddenly feel worse, what did you do? What were you thinking? It would be of great assistance to you to make these connections and adjust accordingly, as your guidance is more vast than you have been aware of. Your guidance really is the difference between your success and your “defeat” on this planet. So, to make your understanding of perfect utilization of this tool a priority would be, quite possibly, the most beneficial decision you could ever make for yourself. Without guidance, you simply will not know what to do or where to go. You may never find your way. There are so many ways that guidance has been provided. It is not difficult for you to be able to learn and apply many of them. Simply keep in mind that this is an endeavor that is more than worth its weight in gold.

Your families may be experiencing some shifting as well. The dynamics are going to be feeling the throws of the unsettled karmic energies that are coming up for release. Karma simply is something you have continued to hold onto. It is up to you to let it go and there is no higher power than you, when it comes to that decision. Karma is no reason or excuse to hold onto a person or situation. Karma is your resistance to change. So, make the changes that you are being guided to make. For, these decisions are what is holding everything back for you. You cannot understand how this is, so do not try. You simply must trust the guidance that is being given to you. That is always lesson 1 to be completed before anything else can be achieved.


Karmic ties are not what you think that they are. Many of you associate this with lack of decision making ability and necessity to “endure fate”. Karma is created by you and also destroyed by you. This is nothing new, but many interpretations of karma abound in ways that have mislead people into stifling their progress by refusing to purge, move and grow. This shift is going to shake things up and give you more opportunities to cut ties that need to be cut. Listen to these signals and queues that will be coming to many of you. Look at the way that your life unfolds and follow the path of least resistance. This is the best advise that many of you can get right now. Especially those who have had considerable trouble in trusting the path you feel guided towards. Now IS the time to move on and move forward. Those of you who this applies to will know who you are.


There are many reasons why these things are occurring now. Essentially, The planet has been evolving at a slower pace until now. Due to the mechanics of momentum and other corresponding Laws of the Universe, the shifting taking place in your world is occurring more rapidly with time. This is the design of it. There is a very big shift and here is the gist of it. That, your ability to call things into being is being accelerated and heightened. Things can manifest for you, quicker than they ever did before, and that trend will continue. The Universe is so malleable at this point that even Earth is beginning to be more fluid and less dense. This means that whatever path you are on is an accelerated path. Whether it be the correct path, meaning, in alignment with your highest path, or the opposite. We want to give you every tool and ability to manifest the highest path. As, being misaligned will lead to further misalignment and the momentum that comes from that will be much more difficult to reverse in coming months. So, the time is NOW to make the big changes that have been introducing themselves more prominently over time.

There is a window of opportunity open RIGHT NOW for all of you to initiate, maintain and solidify the path to these changes. Once the window closes, going back will be remarkably more challenging and you will be more unsatisfied with your path than ever before. Do not miss the bus. Take the leap.



Healing can be done in a variety of ways. Some use the mind, but most humans at this time are already too compromised to figure out how to do this independently. Even with help of tutoring or coaching, the process of reprogramming the subconscious is not the fastest route for you. Mind Mastery has to be achieved in the long run, and to implement this in any way is very helpful at any stage. But, there are faster ways to assist yourself when that which plagues you is significantly hindering you from making any progress, despite your best efforts. There are resources available to you and we will name a few. Remote Healing is an option that is effective enough to create lasting and noticeable change, almost instantly, with little effort, however, that which needs clearing for you often creates scarcity and lack. The result is that for many of you who need it most, you cannot seem to manifest a way to attain this kind of help for yourself at your current stage.  Another option is prayer. Prayer and thought changes your energetic system. Everything in the Universe is permission based. If you know how to pray effectively, you can release that which is no longer serving you and bring in the new. This path is one that takes more effort than being assisted by a healer, however, it is no less effective. The key is that you must be diligent in your prayers in order to make this work for you. You can attract all kinds of assistance and clear your energy in any way that is needed with prayer alone. So there will be a prayer provided for you to help you achieve this. If this prayer inspires you to reach out into other methods for healing, follow the inspiration that is given to you. There is no one way to manifest solutions, but they do manifest. Be diligent and it will come.


Dear Source,

Please ensure that my prayers are answered in the fastest and most pleasant way possible, in alignment with my highest path.

May only the Purest Unconditional Love, Light and Truth from Ascended Master level come through to me. Please give me everything that I need and all necessary knowledge, know how and assistance to ensure that I maintain a completely healthy spiritual body, free from any negative influence or interference of any kind. Please make certain that all of my thoughts, beliefs and memories are completely my authentic thoughts, in alignment  with my highest good and are free of any negative influence or interference of any kind. Please return any parts of my consciousness that have been interfered with or influenced, back to original form. I claim my full presence and participation in my body and in my consciousness. Please remove any streams of influence or consciousness from me that are not in alignment with my highest path. Please ensure my full awareness and access to my highest truth in all areas of my consciousness. Please remove any connections or ties to others that are not serving my greatest good.

Remove all negative energy, including patterns, belief systems, thoughts, imprints, implants, programs or influence that are no longer serving me and /or keeping me tied to any other. Delete,  undo and remove any contracts, vows, promises, pacts or ties to others that are no longer serving me. Please remove any trauma, damage or connections related to sexual experiences. Free me from any and all energies that do not belong to me and/or are hindering  my path of greatest growth. Return to me any of my own energy or soul facets that have been taken, borrowed, given, or lost from me. Please ensure that all of my energy returns to me in a purified form, and cut off any connection by which my energy may be being syphoned to another. I request that your presence be strong in me today. May I be a dominating force of unconditional love and healing for myself and all those around me. Please release me of all that is less than the purest, unconditional love and render all interference ineffective. May I hold a clear space of unwavering faith under all conditions. I invite and intend only the highest and greatest good for myself and my family now and always, in every realm, mind, body, spirit and soul. I invite you to assist me in all possible ways to embody my highest path. May I be led to my True North at all times. I pray to send all of this and better to myself and my loved ones, now and always.

Please maintain these conditions on an ongoing basis, shield me from any breach and lead me to any solutions I may need as swiftly as possible. I entrust these intentions to be carried out with joy and unconditional love. Thank you.




Let this message be clear. That now is a time to realign yourselves. To misalign with what you do not want and to align yourself with what you do want. Every negative thought you have is perpetuating something you do not want. Cast it out. Every positive thought is leading you in the direction of things that you do want. This is so simple, and yet so much has been left undone when it comes to directing your life. Let that end today. Let that end with the breath you now take in. Let the old ways end as you read these words, as every moment is new. May all paths be cleared, may all doors be open, may all ways be paved for you to walk through into your highest and greatest destiny. May that be your intention. That work is now. Be diligent and realize the power you have to change. To change yourself, to change your state of being, your mindset, your situation, your path, your circumstances, your destiny and your world. The world is fated for change, and you are part of the plan. Play the part, Dear Souls of Love, Light and Divine Unlimited Power.

I am a Powerful being who creates change.


So much Love to you all ❤ – Elise

“I have noticed that the NEED for this work to be done is very high at this time, as ascension is occurring and people are being strongly called to eradicate their blocks. After everything I have studied and seen, I have NEVER come across a more effective tool for changing people’s lives in such an immediate and effortless fashion.” – Elise Perez



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Twin Flame Tarot Reading VIII

Twin Flame Tarot Reading VIII

This week, keep your head up. We may be heading into a blind corner, but it’s all working out in your favor, even if you can’t see it!

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Twin Flame Tarot Reading VII Bonus Spread

Twin Flame Tarot Reading VII Bonus Spread

*Special Edition*

It’s all about authenticity and removing that veil that we have been wearing for so long. Against your will. Against your hesitance, your resistance is no match for the cosmic forces pushing through. Pushing each of us to step up, follow our hearts and FINALLY, tell it like it is. Whatever authenticity is for you, is coming to take you away…

Mercury Retrograde started making appearances immediately, perhaps even before it officially hit. For unknown reasons… The video stopped as I was finishing up with the very last card. Hence, no fear, the whole message made it into the video. You know where to reach me with comments and questions! Click *Like* and Hit *Subscribe* to be the first to see my videos when they upload!!

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This Reading Has it’s Ups and Downs, but definitely Depicts a Coming Together Ahead. So, if you feel like things are really up in the air and confusing as ever, this reading is for you!

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