Private Sessions



LIVE Sessions:

You Will have To Meet These Requirements:

  • You must already have a solid, foundational understanding of the Law of Attraction
  • You must fully understand the difference between love and attachment
  • You must fully acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality and that you are not by any means a victim to any circumstance. You create it all & you can change it all.
  • You must understand that it is vitally important that you are able to release insistence upon who you believe your Twin Flame to be.

To Prepare for the session:

  • Be prepared to take notes
  • Prepare your questions ahead of time
  • Prepare your list of “Problems to solve” ahead of time
  • Prepare your list of goals ahead of time

Jasmine is fully equipped to address anything that becomes relevant during the session. Her focus is on keeping you focused on exactly how to achieve Twin Flame Union. Healing is also transferred to you automatically by her, during the session.

If you follow the guidance offered, you will Manifest Twin Flame Union.

You are the only one who can guarantee your compliance and follow through.

Love Gift:

60 minutes: Love Gift- $600

30 minutes: Love Gift- $400

Package of 4, 60-minute sessions $1800 – Love Gift


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Love gift = Donation

All Services are rendered on a donation basis.

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By Law, Donations Cannot Be Refunded