Would you like to learn how to perform Remote Healing for yourself and others? This work is very much needed, and if you feel drawn to this modality, then it is definitely for you!

Follow the tugging of your heart.

If you would like to learn how to do Remote Healing, it is easier than you think and you could get started right away. Although, I do recommend using guinea pigs at first, until you feel very comfortable in your process, and in the results you are seeing, before you take it beyond a casual setting.

I have prepared a series of  audio files that will equip you with everything that you need to know regarding how to get started in performing Remote Healings! As a client, you are free to contact me with any questions that may come up during your process, and, I have Created A private, Facebook Group, only for those who are taking this class, to make sure you have continual access to me and any updated materials.

Upon payment, you will have immediate access the course. Send me an E-mail to AcceleratedAscension@yahoo.com to receive the written portion and the link to the Facebook group, which is specifically for those taking this course. Through the group, you have unlimited support and access to all updates. You will have unlimited access to the class information, forever. This is SUPER convenient, as you will be able to pause, rewind, take notes, write your questions, listen at your leisure and return to the file for reference.


This Program Includes:

  • A Channeled, Written Blog Post Regarding the Chakras and Remote Healing Technique
  • Complete Audio-  Remote Healing Technique
  • Complete Audio –  The Essential Component to Block Removal Mastery. This Mental Mastery is an essential component to achieving and maintaining results.
  • My own personal Prayers/Intentions that I find helpful and use as a part of my sessions.
  • BONUS: Since my studies never cease, any new programs that I publish and add to this class for Remote Healing will be sent to you for free.
  • ***ADVANCED CONCEPTS*** HAVE NOW BEEN ADDED TO THE PROGRAM. Advanced concepts includes Releasing of Sexual Ties, Sexually Transmitted Blocks, ADD, OCD/Obsession, Autism, Possession and information on how to work healing with children and animals.

Curriculum you will be learning Includes:

  • Understanding of “What is a block?”
  • Examples of the above
  • How a Block is formed, or attached.
  • How to identify the difference between your voice and the voice of a block.
  • How to combat a block, deactivate a block and render it ineffective.
  • Different ways blocks present
  • Information regarding tactics blocks use against you
  • Various tactics you can use against them
  • Comprehensive explanation regarding Block Removal Technique
  • All Pertinent information regarding the energy body we will be working with
  • Tips regarding where to look for particular blocks. (This will always be variable, but overall, I will be mentioning trends I have noticed)
  • Explanation of the Earth Chakra, What to do with it and the Vital role it plays (Not all healers know this!)
  • Complete process regarding how to shield, why and when to shield
  • My personal tips and techniques that I use in my process
  • Guidance regarding how to implement your own intuitive process
  • Whatever else I threw in there!

What to expect:

Upon completion of this program, you will have a sufficient understanding of the above curriculum, and you will be able to begin Removing Blocks for others, Teach them how to help themselves and keep blocks out of their field. You will also be able to Remove Blocks for yourself.


Open the door and walk through. You chariot awaits.