*Please note that the process involved has been updated*


I have noticed that the NEED for this work to be done is very high at this time, as ascension is occurring and people are being strongly called to eradicate their blocks.

After everything I have studied and seen, I have NEVER come across a more effective tool for changing people’s lives in such an immediate and effortless fashion.

The Remote Healings are AMAZING!! A Game Changer!

They are a result of what happens when you believe that anything is possible and do not succumb to limiting the ways that Universe can assist you.

I am always reaching for better and better ways to accomplish ascension for myself and my clients because of my belief that anything can be done. This modality of healing is the result of that belief in my life.


Literally is the act of a person Remotely pulling out limiting beliefs and other blocks/entities/attachments from your field. Whatever has been holding you back can be removed in a matter of moments. The initial process may take some time (an hour or so) because of the number of blocks and limiting ideas we accumulate in our field after so many lifetimes. There are always more adjustments that can be made, because the process of ascension is never-ending and only what is ready to come out will show itself.

My Personal Testimonial:

I started doing this work because I had acquired entities from a False Twin that was ruining my life. I wasn’t even myself. I lost everything. Not even my sanity was unscathed. I was haunted and plagued by my unending torment. At my peak of duress, A Healer Removed these entities and cured many things I had been suffering from for over a year. Including severe depression and insomnia which I was dependent on medication for. I immediately weaned off the medicine and haven’t had any of those symptoms since. My life is now wonderful.

That was only less than 1 year ago 🙂

That is why I do this work.





“I always advocate that it is always better to get a good start when possible by getting help, rather than the more arduous path of self education”

-Mary Morrisey

If you have come to this page, you have already been on this path of trying to eradicate what has been blocking you, to little or no avail. I will not say that it is impossible to eradicate your blocks without assistance from others, but it is impossible to eradicate ALL of your blocks without assistance. Sometimes the ones we cannot seem to overcome are the ones affecting us the most. It is always true that there are things about ourselves we cannot see. It takes an outside perspective to see it and help us gain the perspective we need. We are all in this together for a reason. To help each other through.

Some people come to me and say that they have already received healings and had blocks removed. Yet, they are still struggling. The reason for this is because we are all different. Our niche and talents are unique to us. Our intuitive methods are unique to us and also, what we are ready to let go of changes from day to day, week to week. Each healer finds and heals different things. It does not make anyone better or worse, it means we all need each other and multiple perspectives are good. I have had a lot of success with my clients experiencing radical changes after receiving their healings from me. Solutions come, energy comes, inspiration comes. This is what I know and that is why I keep offering these services.

*My skills are improving with every passing day. I am eager to learn, and I like learning FAST, so spirit helps me to accomplish this with every healing I perform. I have been successful in removing physical ailments, as well as mental ailments. I am recognizing that the difficulty involved in removing blocks is all the same to me. I see no limitations. So, to remove a physical ailment or a “serious” block is no more difficult than something which may be considered “small”. The determining factor has nothing to do with me, but the state of being of the CLIENT. Whether their beliefs are allowing of the radical change that the absence of the block would provide. This is the reason I provide verbal instructions with the healing. It is your the conscious mind which either allows or disallows the process.*


Remote Healings are included in every Reading because they are an essential component that allows you to apply what you know.

My process is to remove every single block that presents itself to me. Every block matters and I leave no stone unturned. This may include physical ailments and also mental ailments. This always includes limiting beliefs, restoring balance, and any entities present will be removed. I cannot possibly explain everything that happens during a Remote Healing. It is extensive. You will be given instructions on how to maintain the changes we are making in your energy. You will be provided with clarity and understanding. You will also be given teaching on how to effectively shield yourself so that you do not contract blocks from other people. Empaths may recognize that this shielding process allows them to go about their lives without being bombarded by the energies of others. 😉

Some people will feel what I am doing in the moment and some will not.

*I will always find things in your energy that we did not talk about. Random, personal and specific things come up to be addressed, so you must be comfortable with that. It could be recent or old, if it’s there, I will see it.

**Updated Remote Healing Process:

Prior to the clearing, you will be given instructions. In order to avoid distractions and achieve the most efficient focus I will clear your energy Remotely, within a certain time frame. This will not require a live conversation. To get the conscious mind on board with what we are accomplishing in the subconscious body, an email will be sent to you, regarding what was found in your energy and your part in keeping it out of your energy. This method gives you instructions you can refer back to. I will help you make sense of things and explain why you attracted certain things. Some blocks require me to go back to the original lifetime or memory and some do not.  You will be given suggestions and new beliefs to trade with old beliefs. Your participation is required in order for the changes in your energy to take place. But I will coach you through and provide precise, easy instructions. I will be placing the new beliefs in your chakras to replace the old ones. Your job is to ignore the old and reinforce the new. Sometimes, just knowing I am actually seeing your blocks can be the peace of mind you need to allow the process.

$200.00 USD to clear Every Block That is Ready for Removal


All Sales Final


Please note that this is not the same, nor a substitute for the Twin Flame Session or True North Session. Those are Separate for a reason. THEY ARE HEAVILY IN DEPTH and SPECIFIC to assisting you in how to attract the Desired outcome.

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Love, Happiness, Union


We are all in this together.

Now Offering Remote Healing Classes!


Would you like to learn how to perform Remote Healing for yourself and others? This work is very much needed, and if you feel drawn to this modality, then it is definitely for you!

Follow the tugging of your heart.

If you would like to learn how to do Remote Healing, it is easier than you think and you could get started right away. Although, I do recommend using guinea pigs at first, until you feel very comfortable in your process, and in the results you are seeing, before you take it beyond a casual setting.

I have prepared a series of two audio files that will equip you with everything that you need to know regarding how to get started in performing Remote Healings! As a client, you are free to contact me with any questions that may come up during your process.

Upon payment, I will send you the Audio files via drop box. You will have unlimited access to them. This is SUPER convenient, as you will be able to pause, rewind, take notes, write your questions, listen at your leisure and return to the file for reference.

I will also include a written blog post I published regarding Remote Healing, as well as other bonuses such as prayers and intentions that I use in my daily Healing Routines!

Open the door and walk through. You chariot awaits.

Remote Healing Class: $200.00

All Sales Final