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It isn’t good enough to want something.

Desire begets nothing but desire.

If you truly want to something, you have to pursue it.

Success comes to those who stop at nothing in order to achieve.

If you want something, you have to reach out and grab it.


Give it all you got.


If you never walk, you’ll never run.

Every marathon begins with the first step, 

and is won, only by those who never give up.

Your Highest Path of Love and Purpose is no different.

Every Successful being has a Coach, a Guide, a Mentor.

 “ I always advocate that it is always better to get a good start, when possible, by getting help, rather than to come over the slower, more arduous path of self education.”

-Mary Morrissey

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Please Be Informed Regarding Sessions, Readings and Mentoring

Know What To Expect and What I Expect from You!

ABOUT Twin Flame/Soulmate READINGS (Click Here)



To schedule your reading and guarantee your time slot, please note:

  • I am very attuned to this work, as a result, the readings are extremely in depth and demand is very high.
  • Sessions paid in bundles are discounted and you may inquire about tailoring a bundle to suit your needs.
  • You may send to
  • Click this link to lock in your session Via PayPal —> Purchase Here It is your responsibility to enter the amount correctly for the package you want.
  • If you are unable to purchase with the link, you may send your payment via paypal, directly to
  • The moment that the transaction is completed, you will be next in line to schedule your un-timed session.
    (One hour is an average time)
  • You will be contacted promptly and your earliest convenience is of upmost importance.
  • Confidentiality of all information is ensured.
  • The reading is delivered via Skype or phone, depending upon your location.
  • Photos, of you and of your suspected Flame or Soulmate separately and of the two of you together are ideal to have.
  • Please send your photos in a separate E-mail when your PayPal transaction is complete.
  • If you cannot acquire these photos, please send what you have in a separate E-mail and put your name in the subject.
  • For clarity purposes, Please make sure that the name you place in the subject box of your photos matches the name under which your payment was made.
  • You are expected to take notes during the session
  • After the session, I will follow up with an email which highlights important topics imperative for you to follow through with, such as current blocks, goals, processes, Mantras and other suggestions which are significant to your individual case.
  • All Sales Final

Follow up sessions are highly recommended in order to reinforce new patterns and make complete transitions which translate into 3D manifestations.

Twin Flame/Soulmate Readings/Sessions

Twin Flame or Not, The Process is the SAME



Comprehensive Single Session (un-timed): $400.00 USD 

Return Visits:

$100.00 USD

Every Reading includes Comprehensive Remote Healing


*Limited Time Slots Available

Purchase Your Session



Want Guidance on both Love and Money?

Get a Two For One, Abundance Session, where I will show you how the concepts the attract both, simultaneously are the same. You’re Welcome 🙂

*Includes Removal of all blocks to abundance

(Good Luck Finding This Anywhere Else!)

Un-Timed Reading: $241.00 USD

Abundance Readings…




Unlimited Assistance for One Month (BIG TIME CHANGE BOOT CAMP!): $1,000.00 USD

Unlimited Assistance for three consecutive months (Get to Union in 3 months, BOOT CAMP!): $5,000.00 USD

*(Sessions, emails, messages and other communications can be scheduled or random, depending on combined availability. All communications in accordance with ,Unlimited packages, will be answered promptly, and are Unlimited. These Unlimited packages give you full access every aspect of my services in their entirety, and the time you need to digest, practice, and fine-tune your application with guidance every step of the way.)




I have noticed that the NEED for this work to be done is very high at this time, as ascension is occurring and people are being strongly called to eradicate their blocks. After everything I have studied and seen, I have NEVER come across a more effective tool for changing people’s lives in such an immediate and effortless fashion.

The Remote Healings are AMAZING!! A Game Changer!

They are a result of what happens when you believe that anything is possible and do not succumb to limiting the ways that Universe can assist you.

I am always reaching for better and better ways to accomplish ascension for myself and my clients because of my belief that anything can be done. This modality of healing is the result of that belief in my life.


Literally is the act of a person Remotely pulling out limiting beliefs and other blocks/entities/attachments from your field. Whatever has been holding you back can be removed in a matter of moments. The initial process may take some time (an hour or so) because of the number of blocks and limiting ideas we accumulate in our field after so many lifetimes. There are always more adjustments that can be made, because the process of ascension is never-ending and only what is ready to come out will show itself.

My Personal Testimonial:

I started doing this work because I had acquired entities from a False Twin that was ruining my life. I wasn’t even myself. I lost everything. Not even my sanity was unscathed. I was haunted and plagued by my unending torment. At my peak of duress, A Healer Removed these entities and cured many things I had been suffering from for over a year. Including severe depression and insomnia which I was dependent on medication for. I immediately weaned off the medicine and haven’t had any of those symptoms since. My life is now wonderful.

That was only less than 1 year ago 🙂

That is why I do this work.



More About Remote Healing

Remote Healings are included in every Reading because they are an essential component that allows you to apply what you know.

My process is to remove every single block that presents itself to me. Every block matters and I leave no stone unturned. This may include physical ailments and also mental ailments. This always includes limiting beliefs, restoring balance, and any entities present will be removed. I cannot possibly explain everything that happens during a Remote Healing. It is extensive. You will be given instructions on how to maintain the changes we are making in your energy. You will be provided with clarity and understanding. You will also be given teaching on how to effectively shield yourself so that you do not contract blocks from other people. Empaths may recognize that this shielding process allows them to go about their lives without being bombarded by the energies of others. 😉

$200.00 USD

Please note that this is not the same, nor a substitute for the Twin Flame Session or True North Session. Those are Separate for a reason. THEY ARE HEAVILY IN DEPTH. These remote healings I am offering above, are for more specific requests, like depression, anxiety, abandonment issues, abuse issues, mental illness, physical illness, blocks to abundance, stagnation, confusion, indecisiveness, self sabotage, fear, worry, doubt, anger, paranoia  and other specific requests. Thank you!<3

We Accept Paypal:

Use this same E-mail address when sending your info and picture.

Love, Happiness, Union


We are all in this together.

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14 thoughts on “Schedule and Purchase…

  1. Hello… Can you do a mini reading. I’m lost confused alone… Need to find a home and dont know where to go…constantly confused.

    Love Alena.


    1. I am truly blessed to know that we have teachers, guides, mentors to help those in need of direction. I am in my process and have experienced things in its and pieces, however, everyday the puzzle is coming together. I know it would be more easier to have someone with experience who has walked the journey. When i read your services I felt it was me. So much I can see in me that you do but I have no structure and I have no idea where to start. I have been on my own and been doing as I feel I should but at times feel Im getting no where. I have met my soulmate now the best thing I’ve ever experienced feels close to death but in a beautiful way. I have joy in my life but need to get working in my call. Thank you for following your gifts and sharing.


  2. I am unable to find the link about the price for a Twin Flame reading on your website. Please share details with Links to payments and appointments


  3. Hello. Purchased twin flame reading. Don’t know hohow to schedule an appointment on your site. Please inform me how to do so.


  4. Hi Elise,
    I wrote to your acceleratedascention email address, but just covering the bases by writing here as well. Wondering which reading I should purchase according to my situation. (See details in my first email). It’s most likely The twin flames package, but I just wanted to be sure… please advise, & thanks again for your work!


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