The 11:11 Phenomenon 4 Twin Flames and Lightworkers

The 11:11 Phenomenon 4 Twin Flames and Lightworkers


Channeled Via Unity Consciousness









All of you have noticed the 11:11 phenomenon, but it seems that despite the many theories and rumors, the significance of this number eludes you. Let us clear this up, once and for all. As, the New Earth, Gaia, and its inhabitants (You!) will be familiar with numbers in such a way that they will become more than ambiguous synchronicity, they will become what you call “Common sense” and all of you will read numbers as you do messages.

There is a great significance in numbers, after all, and you are correct in the noticing of this particular number, 11:11.

The Double One (11) Quite literally/visually representing Pillars of strength and solid foundation around Union, which is represented in the Unity/Combining of this number,

11= 1+1= 2 = Unity

The intrinsic value is not an implication of Unity, but more a promise of Unity. For, this is what this number represents. Not that there will be Unity, but that Unity is. It is more than a promise, it is a fact. A present. A gift. Also within the combining/Unity of this number 11:11 is the number four.


Which is commonly known among you for its representation of solid foundation, which furthers our explanation of this particular number.

All is needed in order for the formulas to work correctly. The number 11:11 simultaneously represents the presence of other numbers/vibrations. It is all synchronistic. The 11:11 is simultaneously the vibrations of ones, twos and four. That is what you must be. Yourself, solidly, and Unified all at once in order for the completion of orchestration.

 That is what you are observing in this number and if you take note of how this number makes you feel (during a time period which is represented by 11:11, 11/11), you will notice that the vibration coordinates with the vibration we are explaining here.

When you see this number, 11:11, observe the presence of this fact of unity. That you all are United and There is no separation. Then…

…From a vibration of feeling wholeness and completion within yourself…


send your Healing Love and Light. (Love is Healing)


Let this be your focus, your reminder, to practice this Pure, Healing Vibration at this designated time, to not only heal and transform the Hearts of you Beloved, but the result will simultaneously lift the entire world as you know it. For those who pursue the path of Love and Light (Growth), great rewards will be bestowed upon them, faster than ever before. More love will be coming to you in a myriad of ways, when you practice remotely healing others by simply focusing your energy/attention on sending Healing Love.


We do not do this for rewards, but as above, so below. You cannot participate in love without attracting more of it into your life. You are right about that.

Please release ANY AND ALL expectations regarding how love will come to you. Sending love with the reward of love in mind is not a pure intention/vibration and will not bear the fruit of a pure Love, Healing energy.

You all are to become Masters of the path to Unconditional Love.


Consider this activity/lesson as such. 


 There is a Golden Opportunity (Hence Golden Age) quickly approaching as 11/11 (November 11) draws near in your linear time period. All of you must gather up each other in support of this theme and practice sending Healing Love and Light to those you love most dearly. All unified intensions that occur on 11:11 & 11/11 will be magnified because of the energy being a particularly optimally charged moment in time, because of the resonating intentions of the numbers occurring at this very time, ruled by the numbers of Unity which cannot be questioned. Even astrology will indicate particular “wish” or “manifesting” or “transforming into new light” themes occurring on this very day. Take part in the upliftment of the planet on this optimal day for accelerated remote Healing to occur. This is your duty and the reason you have been incarnated here, on Gaia at this particular point in time. You are all warriors of love and you will prevail, but not without actively practicing this to further your path toward Mastery.


We are Love,6458ff14f210b0cb00d35ddf1bf65f49

We are Light,

We are Healing you, even from the future.

We are here, we are there,

we are everything all at once.

-Unity Consciousness



Twin Flame Synchronicity 11:11

Twin Flame Synchronicity 11:11

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This Message is channeled.

11:11 is a number that most are familiar with, and are curious about simply because of the miraculous repetition in its appearance. It is much too much to pawn off as coincidence… Indeed, what you are seeing with this number is synchronicity. All is synchronicity, in fact. Being in the right place at the right time. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no coincidence, only synchronicity. 11:11 is a number that allows you to notice that synchronicity occurring. You would be less likely to connect the dots and see the synchronicity with events, which seems to change, but the number, it is always the same. Repeating itself to you over and over. Making it very difficult for you to ignore. It is a wake-up call. it says “Look and pay attention! There are things happening here and you must learn to connect the dots!”. It is bringing your attention to the idea of synchronicity. That the Universe is intelligent and that there is purpose in what happens. Life on planet Earth is intelligently arranged, there is no accident. Things are not up to chance. Everything is orchestrated for the best possible learning and spiritual growth to occur. Yes, there are many who get stuck, but there are many more who learn the game innately and make marvelous progressThere is no coincidence, only synchronicity. 11:11 is a number that allows us to notice that synchronicity occurring. We would be less likely to connect the dots and to see the synchronicity inside of events without this number because the number is always the same as it repeats itself over and over again making it very difficult for most to ignore. It is a wake-up call. It says “Look and pay attention! There are things happening here and you must learn to connect the dots!”.  This number almost always brings our attention to the idea of synchronicity. The intelligence of the Universe and its purpose in what happens becomes so much evident to those able to observe the synchronicity within our life structure. Life on planet Earth is intelligently arranged, truly there are no accidents. Things are not up to chance. Everything is orchestrated for the best possible learning and spiritual growth to occur. Yes, there are many who get stuck, but there are many more who learn the game innately and make marvelous progress.

When you see the number 11:11 on the clock, repeatedly and you are seeing more and more sequences of 11, 111, 1:11 this is telling you to #1, pay attention. Once you recognize that this is happening and you see that it is synchronicity, this occurrence can serve you in greater ways. It will serve as a confirmation to you that you are on the right path and that whatever it is that is before you is important for you in some way. Make note of it. You pick up a book and look down at the clock and it says 11:11. Or you flip the page open and the page is 111, it is a sign!! Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.39.16 AM

Because there is so much ebb and flow with the twin flame union and so many issues to cause doubt, the number 11:11 shows-up as a representative of confirmation that also has to do with the Twin Flame Union. You hear a name or a song and you look and it’s 11:11. It will happen and that is the Universe trying to make it a little bit easier for us to believe.

11- The basis represents Awakening. This is what happens as a result of Twin Flames coming together, no matter the stage involved. As soon as you meet, awakening results.

Placing two 11 next to each other as 1111 or 11:11 doubles this number and adds the power of 2, which is duality and Union. Representing the Twin Flame Union. As you can see, there is also present, the power of 4, which represents a solid foundation. As we know, the Twin Flame connection is solid and cannot be broken. So, when you see this number, 11:11, Give it your attention. Take it as a hint or a sign.

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