Can You Love Unconditionally?

Can You Love Unconditionally?

“Friends say I’m crazy cuz easily I fall in Love…” -Janet Jackson

People see love as weakness. As an inconvenience, as a sin, as betrayal. To fall in love easily is seen as an undesirable trait.

The problem is that people don’t know what love is.

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When you say you fall in love easily, what you really mean is that you get attached easily. But love and attachment are in fact, opposites.
I can tell you what it’s truly like to fall in love easily, because I fall in love easily, and it’s not an undesirable fate. When I fall in love, I do it without attachment. It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s immense, it’s intense, and then, it’s gone. It comes and goes like breath. In and out, like the cycles of everything else on the planet. One cannot be stagnant forever. It is the differences in our moments that determine so much of their quality. Love doesn’t really come and go, just the moments do, and when you’re not attached, you can allow yourself to flow through each moment as you should. In the moment. Whatever that moment means to you it can mean for you. Love isn’t meant to disable or distract. It’s meant to be a natural state of ease, of clarity, of appreciation. Love doesn’t keep you from living your life, it just gently nudges you here or there…Like a cosmic wink. Love says “this is good”.truth

I love so easily. Because I know that love doesn’t mean anything that most humans associate it with. It doesn’t mean sex, it doesn’t mean being together, it doesn’t mean marriage, it doesn’t mean children, it doesn’t mean white Pickett fence or future. Love doesn’t even mean attention. Love is love. That’s it. When you associate it with all those other things, now you see what your real problem is. It was never love. Just your associations with it. Can you love outside of your attachment to all of those associations? Can you love without chasing Union? Can you love without needing attention? Can you love without wanting a future? Can you love without possession? Can you love without expectation? Without making demands? Without assuming that the other must behave a certain way? And if they don’t behave that certain way that your little heart will be broken? This is not love, this is decades of sore misunderstanding. Love is the energy of the Universe. It fills every place you are willing to not get in the way. These Twin Flame connections are meant to show you one very important thing. That your current paradigm doesn’t work!! You are all upset because your twin won’t be with you, they won’t call you, they won’t pay attention to you, they won’t have a relationship with you. What’s any of that got to do with love? You can’t put your Twin Flame relationship in the same box you put all your other relationships in, because, it won’t fit. Only when you embrace and exercise love in all the ways it DOES come, without thought of all the ways you don’t see it coming, only then can you enjoy this unconventional, new paradigm Love. It’s a new kind of love that calls for a new kind of acceptance. A higher point of view. Let’s be responsible for once. We’ve all been unwilling to change. We’ve all been wanting our Twin Flame Love to behave itself. If it did, you’d never come to know what Unconditional Love is all about. And what it’s not about. When love finds you, dwell in it. When the object of your love leaves your sight, it is still there. We are spiritual infants. We didn’t know that just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Well, it’s time to know it, and know it well. Many of you are married or with other lovers, or dealing with a Flame who is. When the flame comes around, milk the love, enjoy the love, bask in the love. When the object of love leaves (physically or emotionally) understand, the love has not gone. You are the love. Love simply is. Be the love. Know abundance, not lack. Live your moments for yourself. Be your own object of your loving attention. When the object returns, wonderful. But you will find, with time and with mastery, that your objects of love become more than one. More fluid, more flexible and more abundant. And that the more fluid and changeable you become, within the art of surrendering to loves eternal ebb and flow, the more in love you can be, all of the time, with anyone and with yourself, all of the time.

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For Twin Flames Who Are Holding On…

For Twin Flames Who Are Holding On…

“I have been pretty amazed at the spiritual information contained within movies.”

-Elise Perez

“I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
I may have stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are”


Watch This Clip From The Movie Moana, To Give You A Point of Reference For The Inspiration Behind This Post.

As she approaches the Lava Demon in her path, her gaze, steady. Her breath, focused. She emits power of resolve and utter faith. You can sense no indication of fear or doubt within her. Her steps are seamless. Her voice is calm, yet confident. As I am watching this scene in the movie, I am enraptured by the experience. In a split second, I am wondering if this scene is going to follow the laws of the Universe as we know them to be. The scene screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-2-06-06-pmportrays her odds of succeeding as slim to none, as she approaches the powerful, blazing beast. But, I know that if she maintains her pinpoint focus, even a beast as powerful as this will not be able to harm her. I know that if this scene plays in accordance to law, she will dominate the vibration and the beast will be powerless to her. It is Law. I’m super excited to see how this will play out. Sure enough, her focus is unwavering, and the beast is stopped in it’s tracks. Not only that, but her focused vibration is so powerful… She is holding such a clear image in her mind of who this “beast” truly is, that when the beast approaches her, not only does it stop in it’s tracks, but it entrains to her vibration and is able to see itself through her eyes. It’s as if it is pulled out of it’s illusion and remembers the truth of itself, because that is the image she is so powerfully holding. Within moments, the lies are no more and the truth is unveiled into reality. Into the world. And it began with her ability to focus in the purest of ways.

This scene represents so much truth of the way that things work. First off, the story of the Goddess who fell victim to interference and became a beast as a result represents to me, what happens to humans who fall victim to interference in the form of what I call blocks. A block is anything in your energy which hides the truth of your being. A thought, a belief or a feeling which is not in alignment with who you truly are. These blocks play out in our lives and wreak havoc for us, yet we often feel hopeless against them. We often do not know how to overcome them to become our true selves and so the beast plays out over and over again. For most people, they are not maintaining the beast character. They switch back and forth between playing out the beast and playing out themselves. What you get is an affect that is like having two personalities in one body. One is the authentic truth of that person, and the other is the blocks playing out. These people will often say and do things, only to later regret. They will often search for solutions to no avail. They will say things like “I don’t know why I…(fill in the blank)”. Many of us see this behavior in our Twin Flames and some of us can even recognize this within ourselves. That we do things we don’t like or we can’t seem to do the things we would like to do. When we connect with our Twin, we are connecting with the truth of who they are. The blocks come into play later, and cause confusion, because many here, are emotes and they can feel the truth. But then, what is this other character playing out that doesn’t seem to belong? It is confusing to say the least. Frustrating and painful. This can play out in varying degrees, depending on the severity of the case. Some levels of interference are not bad enough to ruin a relationship and some are. One indication that this is happening is the situation just doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t add up. Something isn’t right.


We fall in love with the True Flame. But what do we do when they are gripped by the talons of interference? Most of the Twin Flame information out there is teaching the art of what is often called “Holding on”. Just keep seeing them as you know them to be. Keep believing and keep having faith. Never give up on your Twin. Keep sending love. Keep envisioning them as you wish them to be. Keep imagining your relationship fantasy to the best of your ability. Never give up on them and love WILL succeed. Love conquers all…

Most of you who know me, know that I do not teach this method. I am not here to talk anyone out of their decisions. But some people see this as a less than compassionate approach. “Why would she tell me to give up on my Love? This cannot be the way.”. I assure you, this is not the case. Let me explain…

The scene in this movie is correct and in accordance with the Laws of the Universe, namely, it coincides with the law of attraction. They depicted it perfectly. She, like Jesus, who performed miracles, was able to hold a pure vibration with a pin-point focus and maintain it throughout without allowing any spec of doubt to infiltrate her mind or her feelings. She did this perfectly, and that’s why it worked.


If you could do this too, just as she did and just as Jesus did, you would see the same result. The outside would have to entrain to YOU. There is an element of free will, but most beings  desire to be themselves authentically by default.

The Problem with this method and the reason I do not teach this method is because it is nearly impossible to carry out and there is so little room for error. The amount of precision one needs to have to do this is nearly 100%. Who can achieve that whilst looking at a monster? By the time you could achieve this, you probably would have overcome the need to do so. It is not impossible. But, you can see just how difficult it is, because there is likely not one person reading this who has been able to do it, and every single one of you have tried at some point in your life. Inevitably, doubt creeps in. And once you open just a crack of doubt, it bursts wide open. We, as a people, have not learned how to be strong minded in a way that keeps doubt at bay and keeps us super intensely focused. We have not conjured the confidence and the unwavering faith it would take to keep this up. If you had, you would likely not be reading this, as, you would be out enjoying a beautiful life. Because this method would make your dreams come true.


Even the “easy way” of changing your thoughts and vibration enough to create results is so difficult that many think it is impossible. I am not going to try to teach anyone the hardest way to go about it. This is why I am an advocate for surrender, and making a happy life. I am offering somewhat of a shortcut. It still requires a lot of work. It still requires faith, but this method is easier to get to. Humans naturally fluctuate. Many Twin Flames are aware and have experienced the “Rollercoaster” of the Twin Flame experience. There is ebb and flow. One cannot be focused on one thing intently enough and long enough to manifest it without deviating. In some cases, yes, but the Twin Flame makes it even more difficult because you want it so much, and when you want something that much, the other side of the coin is the not having of it. Which causes the sadness and the doubt to  inevitably creep in.


There is even more to it. As you go along, trying to manifest, when you hit a bump in your road, it points directly to what needs to be resolved in order to move farther along. In your natural state, you would be able to achieve this. So, one can ultimately use this journey as a great teacher, if one is open enough to it and has eyes to see what is needed for growth.

I never present a problem without also offering a solution.

So, the question is, what really does work?

I have dedicated my studies, my channeling endeavors and my expertise in the laws of attraction to this very thing. The testimony to the soundness of my formula is manifested in my life. I used my own channeled methods to attract Union, abundance of love, stability and overall happiness in my life. As I was following the instructions I channeled, I had no way of knowing it would work. I just knew that to get a new result, I had to take a new action. So, I became courageous, I put myself first, I did the work and I succeeded. Since then, it has been my number one priority to show others that I am not the only one who can do this.

You Can Do This Too.


The following is channeled:

We have done this once, we have done it many times, we will do it again and we will keep on. We will never stop assisting, guiding and helping you. Because, you are here with the knowledge that we would be with you. And so, we are. We are here to lift the veil from between our worlds, through ways by which previously agreed upon. Those of you who would become ready would have ears to listen. At the perfect time, this information would reach you. Not a moment early or late. This means that YOU  are ready NOW.

We want to share with you a formula, but this time, we will simplify even further. We want to give alternate routes, in the hopes that everyone will find what rings true for them. We want you to know the other side of the coin IS the manifesting of all you have known you could have. It IS truly there for you. You can receive it. Can you allow yourself to receive it now? Or will you wait yet longer? The question is not of destiny, for your destiny is given to you, by you. None other can decide for you. You have all free will and this can never be tampered with. To understand how you block yourself is important. But most of you have very little knowledge of this. We recommend that you learn. Begin by asking for this information. To bring to the light of your consciousness all the ways by which you allow your path to be distorted, elongated and blocked.

Firstly, we will focus upon joy.

Joy is the only way to what you want. If you cannot reach joy, this is why you do not have what you want. Joy must be found first. One must make this an absolute priority in order to shift.

Once joy is achieved, one must focus on growing more intuitive awareness. Through this fine tuning, you will know where to go, and what to do and your path will open so much more easily. Having no intuition is like being blind, or in a dark room. You simply cannot navigate efficiently.

Intuition is also important to help you follow your joy initially. But one can manage this with less intuitive knowledge in the beginning. As you move along, you want to be fine tuning and growing.

Continual Growth

Keep searching for those things that cause you to grow. Knowledge comes to you because it is meant to. Those things that you learn all play important roles in your life. If you do not seek knowledge, your experiences with people will have more to reflect to you and this is not always pleasant. Seek growth in other ways in order to learn without needing catalysts in the form of people. It does not matter what you learn, as long as you are learning those things you are drawn to learn. You will always find out at some point, why you were drawn to learn a thing.

Can you reach ecstasy?

When we say joy, we do not mean ecstasy. Ecstasy is a word we are implementing in order to share this very specific concept. Most of you think to settle means to be happy. This is not the case. Many of you have settled and say that you are happy. But, where is your bliss? Where is your fulfillment? Where is your inspiration? Are you stuck? Have the waters of your life grown still?  Do not get contentment mixed up with ecstasy. What we mean by ecstasy is not an orgasmic, exuberant experience. By ecstasy we mean, energy that flows. Much like inspiration. The energy is moving in a type of ecstasy. Excitement is there. Newness of thought. Direction, Happiness, but mostly in the form of inspiration. When one is in ecstasy, there is nothing missing and one is not asking the question “But where is my missing piece?..”. If you are asking this, then you have not reached the bliss state of continual ecstasy and inspirational flow. FLOW is very important. Learn to be like water and allow energy to flow, morph, change, ebb and flow. Go with the flow. Yes. FLOW.

This is only the beginning. And, it is the whole formula. Many of you want more and so provide it. But, it is really this simple. If you truly did all of the above, you would be swept up into an inspiring while of ecstasy and have access to all of what resides in your vortex and before you know it, BOOM!! LOVE would enter like a bolt of lightning that you never saw coming because you were too enthralled with the journey.

If you have yet to come this far. One can find more details, but this is the perfect point for anyone who still finds themselves longing. There is always more, and we will always be back with it. At the perfect time, we shall meet again.

Leave all that does not work in your moment behind. When it is time for the piece to function properly in your life, it will makes its way back to you. ebb and FLOW.

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Mindset to Attract Twin Flame Union

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