Always come back to the heart of the matter.

I always come back to the heart of the matter. That is where the solution must come from, because any solution that isn’t founded upon the truth of the heart of the matter, cannot yield a true solution. Sometime’s I get caught up in reasons, issues and limiting thoughts about a situation, but when I find the strength to direct myself back into love, back into the heart of it all, back into the parts of the situation that are truly unchanging, this is the place where peace ensues. You can look at a situation from infinite perspectives. But, there is only one truth. You can use justifications, you can logic away fear, you can rationalize impossibility, you can come up with every reason if you want to, and your reasons are your reasons. They are not right or wrong, they are just your reasons for having a particular standpoint. Reasons don’t make your situation un-changeable, they are just your reason for not changing, and that’s valid. You can have your reasons. But, you can’t have your reasons, AND Love. You can’t have excuses, AND Alignment. You can’t have your limitations and inner peace as well. This is the reason why, “Go or be dragged”. This is the reason why nobody stays stagnant forever. Nobody stays in hell forever. It isn’t about needing to change, it’s about wanting to. We are already fine, perfect and complete. But, we are naturally, always moving forward, always shifting into something new, always changing, always becoming more and always improving. It is the natural order of things. The fact of evolution yields betterment. When you evolve to a point of wanting something that you did not want yesterday, you are new. You are improved. Your truth is now a different vision. & We don’t always know how to bridge that gap, between the true heart of the matter and making it happen. We are short sighted and blinded by circumstance. We aren’t always innovative, forward thinking and creative. We are usually the opposite. Contracted and scared. We forget, how our lives have changed dramatically, over the years. We forget how many different lives we have lived in this lifetime. We forget how many hundreds and thousands of new and awesome things have unfolded for us. When changes occur within us, we don’t always know how to step into it, on the outside. But, the heart of the matter holds the truth. That this is a new part of you. This is a doodle that can’t be undid. You can never go back, only forward. You cannot un-want something or undo a step in evolution. in order to “keep” your life from changing. Life does not support stagnation. Can you imagine if it did? So, when the desire burns inside us, or maybe it is just a little happy thought. Maybe it’s just a little “what if?” inspiration. A warm little fuzzy, inside. That doodle is done. But, at first, the mind wants to catch up. And, all it sees is conflict. Of course it does, your life has not changed to accommodate this new thing inside. Your life is accommodating the old thoughts. So, we take it as “this new thing is not possible” and we list off our reasons why. You can’t get over your reasons immediately. You can’t see the freedom you have to do that. To you, it’s impossible. But, just leave that desire unattended, and it will go to work for you. Your feelings will churn, your mind will keep turning on it, and it won’t make sense. “If this wish is truly a dead end, then why do I keep thinking about it? Why can’t I let it go?” Logic has everything to do with your vision. Short sighted vision creates illogical logic. EXPAND YOUR VISION and you will reconcile the differences between the heart and the mind. It isn’t about a thing actually being logical, or viable, or not, what is truly logical depends 100% on your vision. On your ability to expand your thoughts and creatively problem solve yourself into a solution that bridges the gap between the heart and the mind.

Since I have learned this, I have learned to do it VERY QUICKLY. There is no problem I cannot solve within 1 day. Even if the outside doesn’t change, the inside changes enough to create the solution. And, the key is coming back to the heart of the matter. There are many things that ARE changeable, that we make up reasons and excuses about, telling ourselves it cannot change. But, what is truly unchangeable, stays the same, no matter what you tell yourself. And it will conflict with your incomplete version of the truth and your incomplete or short sighted understandings, coaxing you into a more expanded, higher vision, where you can see enough to let the solutions reveal themselves to you. It can take time. It takes a very humble heart to allow yourself to come back to the truth of the matter. But, you will know when you do. Some days, limited rational will resonate, because you’ve met your daily limit on move-ability and vision. But, wait for the next day, and the next day, when the unease returns. It means, there is more work to do in your mind, in order to bridge this gap between wanting something and letting yourself figure out how it is possible. The mind and the emotions let you know when there is work to do, to bridge this gap. It’s hard to miss. It will be difficult to concentrate, your performance will somewhat dwindle and you just won’t be quite as chipper, when your inner truth and your outer truth don’t meet minds. Take it day by day, and the quicker you allow yourself to come back to the heart of the matter, the faster you will find resolve and clarity. WHEN YOUR VISION CATCHES UP WITH YOUR TRUTH, IT WILL THEN BECOME LOGIC.