When you do the processes involved in raising your vibration, which means thinking higher quality thoughts, being happier, more positive and more empowered, a couple things happen. The first thing is that you’ll feel better, but then, you might feel worse. What happens is you are being shown your negative ideas and limiting beliefs in the way of flying higher. Whatever negative frequencies you did not notice before, because they were part of your “normal” embodiment, will become noticeable, as your quality of thought increases. When the problem becomes noticeable, it hurts. But it’s only coming up so that you can see it and do what it takes to rise above it. You are being shown what is in the way of your path to your ultimate union. Bring a greater level of consciousness to the thought, by reminding yourself that YOU are the creator. Overcome it and reach the next level Of empowerment. As you are working on this, you may not notice a shift for a couple weeks. It takes some practice in the new vibration before you actually shift into a new vibrational baseline, but, when this shift occurs, it will be noticeable and maintaining that higher frequency will be easier. You hold the keys to your kingdom. You decide how the story goes, what is good and what isn’t. What stays and what goes. Becoming aware is a fantastic gift that allows us greater control over our manifesting. Once you choose awareness and push through, there are gifts and miraculous changes on the other side of that. Push through and level up.

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The Bridge Between What You Know and What You DO (Twin Flame)

The Bridge Between What You Know and What You DO (Twin Flame)


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So many people along their journey feel like they “theoretically” understand the concepts they want to apply in their lives, but can’t figure out how to actually apply them!! This has also dumbfounded me as far as helping others make this leap. BUT, It finally comes down to this!!…

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