How To Pick a Reader Who is Good For YOU

How To Pick a Reader Who is Good For YOU

Let’s face it. Every twin Flame wants a reading now and again. But how do you choose a reader, knowing that some people are simply in it for the wrong reasons, some may be entirely inaccurate and some may veer you so far off track, by the time you realize how detrimental they were to you, the damage is done. Here’s something I wish I knew at the start of my journey…

I notice people struggling with this in many ways, especially when they have had bad experiences or if they are simply tend to be skeptic. I get it, even I receive services from others and I want to know that I am picking the right guide for me. I have noticed that there is definitely an easy way to make sure I am always picking the right person for my specific needs. So, how do I pick a reader/healer? I will tell you how…

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