Superior Virtue has no intention to be Virtuous and therefore, is such. Inferior Virtue cannot let go of Virtuosity and thus is not Virtue.
-Alan Watts

My point in saying this requires some clarification.
I work with people and perform healings every day. I go into their energy bodies and I can see their thoughts, beliefs, I can feel what they feel. Everyone who comes to me is a lightworker, and so, there are certain characteristics that show up repeatedly in most everyone I see. One major thing is that they all have a desire to be “good”. They want so much to be good that they are beating up on themselves, blaming themselves, holding themselves to impossible standards, letting others walk all over them and trash them as they trash themselves. And if they improve just a tiny bit and stand up for themselves, they either feel guilty or it has no effect. All their power has been forfeited in the pursuit of virtuosity. But, do you not see that by this action, what you end up with is not virtuous at all. It is self loathing, which separates you from the benevolence of the Universe, separates you from love?

It is unjust, at best.


It is disempowering, which ensures that you never become your highest version of yourself, which means you cannot be a force of love and light for others to entrain to. It separates you from you, which means you’ll never be united with your beloved. It insights hate, not love, and that’s what you are emanating out into the Universe and into Gaia. That’s not lightwork. It’s the opposite. Do you not see that we HAVE to love ourselves in order to BE the love that emanates into Gaia and into humanity?
When you do not value yourself as the Divinity that the Universe created you to be, you are insulting creation. It’s the most condescending and egotistical thing you can do.
When you don’t love yourself, you stay in situations that are not good for you, and thus, support a vicious cycle of unhappiness, which attracts more of that for yourself and all others surrounding you. When you do not love yourself enough to follow your joy, you don’t have as much joy and love and light to channel into the world. How can you add unto that which you do not have? So, you see, this way of trying so hard to be virtuous is not virtuous at all. It is a dirty trick of darkness. Anytime you hear a disempowering thought, let it be met with love. I love you. I love the one who suffers. I love the one who writhes in guilt and shame. I love the one who wishes they were better. I love the one who cannot escape their pain. I love the one who can’t let go. After a while, It will click and you will realize that YOU are love.



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