The Gift of Foretelling; My Confession

The Gift of Foretelling; My Confession

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To all of my followers, clients and potential clients…

I Have A Confession To Make..

…I have the gift of foretelling,

And I have been denying it.


The desire to capture knowledge of what the future holds is a natural human trait. We all want this. We call psychics, we bargain with the Universe, we ask our friends, we dabble in tarot, we scry on crystal balls and tea leaves. We study palmistry, consult our ouijji boards and so on, and so forth. Anything that we can do to get a glimpse of guidance. Just to know what is in store.

What does my future hold? Wouldn’t we all like to know…


Early on, in my discovery that I had the ability to foresee future events, I acted on the knowledge that I had. Not realizing that in doing so, I was trying to do the impossible. To expedite my life lessons, instead of learning them, seeing them through and allowing them to play out to completion. I acted on my knowledge of foresight, and the Universe eventually pulled me back into the previous situation, because, in my haste, I had acted prematurely. I was negating the purpose behind the situation, instead of validating it as an important stepping stone in my journey. This segment of my life had not yet yielded what the Divine plan had intended for me to learn from it. But, I was amateur, I wanted out, and I made it happen, even though it was not a guided action. It wasn’t the right time. Just something my mind was rationalizing as the next logical step, given the knowledge of the ultimate outcome.

It is imperative to note, that everything which presents itself to you is attracted to you, in your experience for a very specific purpose. The sooner you recognize all as valid, no matter how mundane or seemingly negate-able, the sooner you expedite yourself through the evolution you are seeking. The entirety of the lesson has to be bestowed, received and mastered, before one can move on from it. Not a moment before, or after. If it is still in your experience, then it is still serving a purpose for you. Creation is purposeful. Nothing is created without reason. This place is a puzzle and every piece fits.

I now realize that everything before us, mundane, uncomfortable, painful, challenging, or not, is a vital part of our evolution and must be validated for the part it plays in our overall ascension. There is a lesson in everything, otherwise, it would not be there. Creation is mindful, strategic, intentional and does not waste itself, creating for no reason. Everything has a reason, whether we fail to see it or not. The only way to expedite the process is to validate it as such and learn the lesson, instead of resisting it, or negating its validity or reason for being.

Ever since then, I saw that foretelling is not a thing to be taken lightly. One cannot simply act on knowledge of what is to come, based on foresight. In doing so, it changes everything. If you have this gift, you cannot simply go around, informing souls of what lies ahead of them. People are hasty. They want it now, and they want it yesterday. If you tell them what the future holds, it is only natural to jump the gun. Either in thought or in action. Both pose an equal disruption.

I chose to not focus on foretelling for myself or for anyone else. I still practiced tarot and things like that, but I did not heed anything I acquired from it. I practiced with the mindset that the future is flexible, which is actually true.

At times, the future is simply known. Whether you are spiritual, intuitive, or not. Sometimes, it is plain to see. I used normal, human judgement, But I took it no further than that. And I vowed to never tamper with my life, based on foretelling, ever again.


This was a good lesson that I have mastered. I can know anything regarding the future and still allow it to play out, as I am guided to do. I allow things to happen. I let them play out, in their own, divine timing and I am in touch with the moment when action is called for. I don’t force, or try to skip ahead. But, I realize that not everyone has this understanding, and I do not want to contribute to people making premature decisions based on knowledge I share with them regarding their future or possible futures. Most people cannot help but react when they receive a foretelling from a psychic of sorts. They use it to guide their way. If they perceive it as good, they use it to soothe themselves (Which is almost always temporary). And if the fortune is perceived as unwanted,They immediately collapse in feelings of hopelessness. They allow it to infect their consciousness with despair and completely forget their power to create for themselves.

The truth remains that knowledge of the future can be used as a tool for empowerment and motivation to exercise our ability as divine souls to create deliberately, instead of by default.


..But, Do You KNOW This?

I have been telling everyone, every client and every potential client that I do not tell the future, instead, I help them to create their future by giving them the tools and guidance they need to align with their desire. This is indeed true, as well. My expertise in the Laws of Attraction have served as the perfect foundation for doing this. Yes, it is true that the Law of Attraction works. That your thoughts create your future circumstances. This is exactly how the future can be foretold. As a soul reader, I specialize in reading the core essence of an individual and all of the truths or untruths they have picked up along this incarnation. Anything that is vibrationally active, or dominant, stands out. I can see how far the difference is between the individual’s true self, or their ego self, which has been constructed as  a result of experiences and outside influence. I can feel just how malleable or entrenched these patterns of thoughts are. This is what tells me if they are likely to change, based on the information I provide.


Regardless of what I am able to perceive regarding their dominant patterns of thought, true nature or relevant beliefs, I always acknowledge free will and I always give instructions that would bring about real results, if the new knowledge is followed and utilized.

I like to see acknowledgement of negative aspects as an opportunity for change. But some who are entrenched in feelings of victimization or hopelessness, will use the possibility of negative outcomes to validate their doomsday fears. Hence, reinforcing and cementing in this probable future as more likely to occur. If a person was to do the opposite, and take it as an opportunity to change drastically, that negative experience is likely to be avoided and even if a perceived negative event did manifest, they would likely have the power to transmute it into a positive ultimate outcome.


My point is, that it is very easy to “see” which is most likely to occur when I am reading for a client, and my overshadowing desire is to have a positive impact. So, with that in mind, I try to shape my business endeavors to attract clients that are most likely to benefit from my services. My ability to manifest this has become increasingly more evident.

My point in writing this post is so that all of you can have a better idea of what this foretelling business is all about. That a possible future is just that; A possible future. Even if it is a likely future, there are ways to transform it into a positive experience. Even if the positivity is by virtue of your own perspective about it. Are you seeing opportunities to learn and to grow, or are you simply allowing yourself to fall victim to whatever it is that befalls you? You are a powerful creator. You are in charge of your own experience and your thoughts and perceptions about it. The choice is yours to be empowered or disempowered. Do not let this truth ever escape you.

I will embrace this talent as a gift of Divine and honor it as an intuitive talent bestowed upon me for the good of all. I will use it with utmost discernment and I will continue to assist everyone of my clients in understanding that the power to transform themselves and their outcomes remains entirely, and deliberately up to them.

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I thank all of you.

Much Love

-Elise Reawakening Hearts

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Energy Update Week of 11/20/2015- Feeling in a Rut?

Energy Update Week of 11/20/2015- Feeling in a Rut?

Channeled Via Unity Consciousness


We are all very well aware of the great feelings of confusion sweeping through the cosmos at this time. All the things you thought were solid are now becoming questionable, and perhaps you are even pondering making changes that prior to this shift, you thought didn’t think need changing. There is always a trade off when entering into higher realms of consciousness, as you are now. The trade off is that you receive the ascension you desire, but with that new perspective, you come to realize those things that need to change. You gain knowledge that cannot be undone. Knowledge which shows you a greater path, and once you have seen the greater path, you must take it.


The Universe does not pour down more awareness than you can handle all at once. That is why these transitions are generally a gradual process. Like moving up a flight of stairs. We do not ask you to jump all the way up, but we ask you to climb and to take each step as you can, to eventually reach the top. Once you come to realize the needs for reconfiguration, you must follow that new awareness. it is presented to you because it is part of your path and it comes to you as a result of your asking.

Please allow time for this reconfiguration process. Purging is a very real matter. Upgrades are a very real matter. many of you are requiring rest, downtime, solitude and perhaps even extra sleep. This is to simply guide you through the transitions in the smoothest way possible. There are times for rest and times for movement. Take this time for rest as it presents itself to you, for it will be followed by a time of movement that you are now being prepared for.


If you feel as though you cannot take on a task that is normally a part of your schedule, simply take a rest from it if you possibly can. Things are changing. As realizations are coming through, directions are changing, and if this is true for you, do not worry, the answers are coming, and they will be here on time. Divinely guided, as you all know that you are.


If it pleases you to take on new tasks, even temporarily, then allow yourself that pleasure. That break from monotony. Be fluid and flexible. Sometimes, removing your consciousness from a subject is what it takes for the revelations to come through. So, simply follow the prompting of your guidance. We are all here is with you and nothing is wrong. Shifts are occurring. purging is occurring. You are all a part of the transitions. As you feel sad, allow yourself to feel it. Allow your mind to wander into those feelings and see what they bring your attention to. Perhaps sadness is an effective way to bring about awareness to a thing that needed your attention. Perhaps it is time to allow truth full reign. perhaps the heart pains you until it has your undivided attention. Listen to the pang of the heart. Listen to the ailing which comes from within. What is it telling you? Listen.


Your level of cooperation is commensurate with the progress you will make. Allow yourself to listen to the calling of the moment, even if it is not reflective of your normal schedule or preference. Allow new ideas and preferences to be born. New activities allow new thoughts to come to you, and that is what we want. The rise from this shift a new.


We are all in this together

With Great <3

The Cosmos

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Energy Update- How to intercept the 2nd wave of Ascension

Energy Update- How to intercept the 2nd wave of Ascension



“I’m feeling a lot in my heart right now. It feels very heavy. A lot of pain coming through. I have a tremendous amount of empathy kicking in. I know these heavy energies are not mine, but simply coming to me for transcendence. My life is happy, balanced and brimming with love, but there is a lot of work to do. The calls for assistance are abundant right now, as more and more souls are reaching for the light. Many of them feels trapped, and many of them are. Trapped within the confines of their current point in consciousness. Coming to us in spirit, for healing. We answer the calls because we feel connected and we are healers by trade and by design. Something is coming and I feel it very strongly now. Some of my soul mates have come to mind and I have warned them that their pains may come to the surface and that they will not be silenced as they have been before. They will want reconciliation, attention and love. As light workers, we have come across many people who have been unable to reconcile their pains. These are the ones who need to know that we are standing by for them.”



Channeled Via Unity Consciousness. Orin And Daben are here, too.

There is a great shift in energy a foot and all of you on the forefront of this movement in which we are calling the first wave of ascension are going to be intercepting the second wave of ascension which is commencing this month, beginning the 23rd of September, 2015. We are all here to assist you. All of the Universe is conscious of the events taking place here and we are present and also available to you at all times. You are in our loving care. All of you who have already connected yourselves with the guidance of unity consciousness are going to serve as physical guides for the second wave of ascension. There is a massive influx of awareness coming in. A wave of awakening is coming, and many will be on the brink of total transformation, while also facing total and complete vulnerability, as every fear, pain, worry and negative energies collide in a mad rush to the surface to be released and reconciled. The releasing of these energies is necessary and many will be able to accomplish this, without consciously knowing how. For, not everyone has physical connections to turn to. They are also in our loving care and special guidance is already in place to assist in their ascension. However, for the rest of you here, pay special attention to the needs which present themselves to you. For, this is part of your duty, for which you were placed in this exact spot to fulfill. Answer every call with an open heart. Do not turn away, for every heart that comes to you will require assistance to complete their transition and you who are answering these calls will be especially equipped to do so. You will know what to do as you are already proficient in following your guidance. You will teach them to do the same. You will turn them away from their fears, to release them and into their hearts. Resentment must be released. Pain must be released and negative ties with past memories must be neutralized. All energies which previously acted as  barriers to conscious awakening will be making themselves known in order for this great wave of reconciliation and awakening to take place. Everything has a place and everything and everyone in its place. Once the wave hits and consciousness commences, these negative energies will have no place here and they will be pushed out. However, this will present with a flurry of overwhelment or chaos for some, and for that, you will be there.



The communication that will occur during this pivotal time on your planet is imperative to the shift. All of you have the ability to assist others in the completion of their awakening processes. All of you have talents, but they cannot serve a purpose if you do not develop willingness to communicate effectively and in accordance with you guidance.

Communication is going to occur as the clearing of your chakras/energy centers commences and completes  itself. As the blockages clear, so will your thoughts and your interpretations of yourselves at your core become clear too. Communication will occur as a result. The dissipation of blockages which previously separated you from embodying your higher self will also result in the dissipation of blockages which have kept all of you divided. The dissipation of fear, ego, resentment and all energies of similar nature have simply acted as dividers. Dividing yourselves from perceiving yourselves authentically and also creating distance between each other. As a result, the rumors of unions occurring in higher frequency are indeed, true. As lower vibrational energies are cast out of the collective, higher vibrations will prevail and harmonizations will occur in greater quantities on all levels. Unions will occur between groups of all kinds and romantic unions as well. But the point at this moment is to stress the idea of union being a common theme, which is not to be limited to romantic context. Union on every level is going to be seen as time goes on. Separation and Union are a cycle which occurs within creation, just as you have seen the natural ebb and flow of all things. We are coming to the theme of Union and this will become ever more evident with time.

Clear the blocks. Cut ties with those things which no longer serve you. Allow yourselves to ascend and may the COmmUNIcation begin!

Orin and Daben specialize in the translation, understanding and transformation of energy of all kinds. Their mastery is in navigating the Universe via Universal laws and they have a way of communicating things in a way which is very simple and easy to understand. This is relevant because we all need to learn the art of translation of energy in order to manage energy at all. We must all come to understand energy on a greater level and be able to intellectualize it correctly. This incorporated the union of heart/feeling and mind/thought. This is all an essential part of gaining clarity, which is the way by which we become masters of manifesting all things. Communication which follows the ability to know thyself, others and then correctly translate, is the vital component to relationships which all of humanity is on its way to mastering, on this journey of Ascension.

CO-mm-UNI-cation is necessary for Union