Create Relationship Harmony with FUN!

Create Relationship Harmony with FUN!


Union Exists in The FUN Frequency!! & it takes the mind some time to catch up to that frequency…. How To Create Harmony in Love




Can You Love Unconditionally?

Can You Love Unconditionally?

“Friends say I’m crazy cuz easily I fall in Love…” -Janet Jackson

People see love as weakness. As an inconvenience, as a sin, as betrayal. To fall in love easily is seen as an undesirable trait.

The problem is that people don’t know what love is.

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When you say you fall in love easily, what you really mean is that you get attached easily. But love and attachment are in fact, opposites.
I can tell you what it’s truly like to fall in love easily, because I fall in love easily, and it’s not an undesirable fate. When I fall in love, I do it without attachment. It’s amazing, it’s wonderful, it’s immense, it’s intense, and then, it’s gone. It comes and goes like breath. In and out, like the cycles of everything else on the planet. One cannot be stagnant forever. It is the differences in our moments that determine so much of their quality. Love doesn’t really come and go, just the moments do, and when you’re not attached, you can allow yourself to flow through each moment as you should. In the moment. Whatever that moment means to you it can mean for you. Love isn’t meant to disable or distract. It’s meant to be a natural state of ease, of clarity, of appreciation. Love doesn’t keep you from living your life, it just gently nudges you here or there…Like a cosmic wink. Love says “this is good”.truth

I love so easily. Because I know that love doesn’t mean anything that most humans associate it with. It doesn’t mean sex, it doesn’t mean being together, it doesn’t mean marriage, it doesn’t mean children, it doesn’t mean white Pickett fence or future. Love doesn’t even mean attention. Love is love. That’s it. When you associate it with all those other things, now you see what your real problem is. It was never love. Just your associations with it. Can you love outside of your attachment to all of those associations? Can you love without chasing Union? Can you love without needing attention? Can you love without wanting a future? Can you love without possession? Can you love without expectation? Without making demands? Without assuming that the other must behave a certain way? And if they don’t behave that certain way that your little heart will be broken? This is not love, this is decades of sore misunderstanding. Love is the energy of the Universe. It fills every place you are willing to not get in the way. These Twin Flame connections are meant to show you one very important thing. That your current paradigm doesn’t work!! You are all upset because your twin won’t be with you, they won’t call you, they won’t pay attention to you, they won’t have a relationship with you. What’s any of that got to do with love? You can’t put your Twin Flame relationship in the same box you put all your other relationships in, because, it won’t fit. Only when you embrace and exercise love in all the ways it DOES come, without thought of all the ways you don’t see it coming, only then can you enjoy this unconventional, new paradigm Love. It’s a new kind of love that calls for a new kind of acceptance. A higher point of view. Let’s be responsible for once. We’ve all been unwilling to change. We’ve all been wanting our Twin Flame Love to behave itself. If it did, you’d never come to know what Unconditional Love is all about. And what it’s not about. When love finds you, dwell in it. When the object of your love leaves your sight, it is still there. We are spiritual infants. We didn’t know that just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Well, it’s time to know it, and know it well. Many of you are married or with other lovers, or dealing with a Flame who is. When the flame comes around, milk the love, enjoy the love, bask in the love. When the object of love leaves (physically or emotionally) understand, the love has not gone. You are the love. Love simply is. Be the love. Know abundance, not lack. Live your moments for yourself. Be your own object of your loving attention. When the object returns, wonderful. But you will find, with time and with mastery, that your objects of love become more than one. More fluid, more flexible and more abundant. And that the more fluid and changeable you become, within the art of surrendering to loves eternal ebb and flow, the more in love you can be, all of the time, with anyone and with yourself, all of the time.

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