Remote Healing Class Now Available for Download!

Remote Healing Class Now Available for Download!


Happy to announce that the Remote Healing Class with me, is now available for Download!  You guys have been asking to learn, so I created a way to make it simple for everyone! Learn how to get starting doing the Healing Modality that I do, in just one day!

The demand has been so high for this, that I just had to figure out a better way to make it available for everyone. Thanks to your asking, It is finally here. Now, It’s just one download away.

When I first learned of this Healing Modality, it was ABUNDANTLY  clear that the demand for this type of work is extremely high and the amount of people actually providing these services is seriously low. I threw myself into this and started providing these services, but it feels like there is still not enough assistance out there for people who need it.

Thankfully, people have been asking to learn…


Light workers are drawn to this modality of healing because it is very much needed. If you feel that you would like to learn this, follow your calling…

I have NEVER come across a more effective tool for changing people’s lives in such an immediate and effortless fashion.

I cannot express how rewarding this has been for me, in helping me achieve my highest path and purpose. Helping to empower myself and others in ways I never thought possible, all because I followed my guidance and pursued this.

I am finding that the more we enrich the lives of others, in a balanced fashion, the higher we climb on the mountain of our dreams. This is like living a fairytale. It doesn’t even make sense what I can do for people through this work. All I know is that it does work. It is amazing, life changing, life giving and a never ending journey of wonder and joy.

We are not fixers, we are facilitators. We are just pieces of the Universe, channeling the one Source of Love, Light and Truth.

I am the Light. May all Darkness be transformed in the light of  my presence, and yours

Find out More About this Modality and How to Become a Practitioner: