Chakra Healing & Removing Blocks For Yourself

Chakra Healing & Removing Blocks For Yourself



The Chakras are a system of energy that every human has. Just as you have a physical body, you have an energetic body as well. They both work together, and each is reliant upon the other for survival. You cannot have a physical body without the presence of an energetic body and you cannot be here, in the physical, without a physical body. So, they work together, in harmony. This is the ideal way. The energetic body does the best that it can to function together with the physical body. Although, you may not understand the reasons that the energetic body may create things such as illness or imbalance, it is because the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies work so closely together and are intricately tied. Whatever one body is exposed to, all the other bodies are exposed to as well.

There are many people who do not yet understand this dynamic, and it is to your detriment. It is like you have come here to play a game and you do not yet know the rules. So, there is a learning curve to address and this is why we are beginning here now. We ask that all of you who come to know these things we will discuss here, be willing to share with others, so that they may have the knowledge that they need to succeed in this game of life!

The Chakras are encased within a sort of forcefield that may appear like a shell. If you were to observe it, the chakra is much like a crystalline structure within a sort of casing. This is because the chakra is very potent and powerful. For the raw energy to be exposed, would become somewhat intrusive to others at times. The magnetic field surrounding it, ensures that there is more deliberate exchange, instead of in-deliberate exchange. There will always be a certain amount of exchange that simply occurs, especially with those empathic individuals who have not yet learned to control this exchange of energy (Which we will cover in more depth later in this post), but, the field enclosed around the chakras assists and makes it possible for one to control the energies they would like to perceive/tap into deliberately. It makes it possible for you to turn the dial up or down, on or off.

This is a very important factor, as everything in creation is. It follows the law of creation in two ways. The First Law being that everything is based in permission. Every being gives permission in order to allow an experience. As humans, you have not yet learned all of the ways that permission is given. This, we will also cover in depth, as it is part of the rules of the game you need to be aware of. The Second Law Being The Law of Attraction. That you can summon that which you desire at will. Everything occurs by virtue of inclusion. Averting or diverting attention is the only way to change the frequency and attract something else. The field around each chakra keeps the chakras from emanating dominating vibrations, allowing choice to come into play.


We have all taken for granted, the power that is stored within us, around us, and the power we can tap into from the source of it all. That is something that can change, moment to moment. Once you learn how, you can tap into it and use it. You can see it for what it is. You have access to the power which creates worlds. Would’t you like to tap in and use it to create your world?

When you have an understanding of the dynamics and structures of energy, that is exactly what you can do. Although, you do not have to have intricate knowledge in order to create, for most of you trying to perfect the creation process, this intricate knowledge is how this accuracy will come. We would like for you to look within and to know, understand that you are infinite and the energy pulsing through you is infinite as well. This means, that you can call to you, anything you so desire. This also means that you have the power to divert your attention and effectively disallow any experience you wish to exclude.

Humans are not used to this idea. They have believed in being frail, mortal and destined to age. Many have lived this way, but it was only because they did not know any other way! If you believe in an alternate reality, so that alternate reality will be yours to live. Successful individuals. Those who have managed to accomplish most of what they set out to do, have an innate understanding that what they set out to do can be done. This is the difference between success and failure. The belief is a very important thing. The problem is when humans pick up telepathic messages from other humans and they allow it to influence them. One can pick up a limiting belief from a person who is in a position of influence and this belief will get lodged in the corresponding chakra. The resulting belief can limit the being from manifesting beyond that block of energy and this can last for a lifetime or more, if it is not overcome.

What’s more important is knowing that no matter what is around you. No matter what has  influenced you, influence is simply a choice being presented. Humans can have impressionable times in their life where they take on suggestions quite easily, without much thought or question. This does not mean that you have no choice. All you must do is choose to be self aware and conscious enough to observe the suggestion, analyze it and make the choice for yourself, based on your own feelings or intuitive thought regarding it. Alternatively, with those who have not chosen to be present as an active participant in their minds and lives, suggestions never get thoroughly observed as choices, but instead, are accepted as truth. This is very important for you, in your life, for the following reason:

A block in your energy always begins as a thought that you have accepted as truth. These blocks can be found in the corresponding chakra. What you choose to allow to influence you, what you choose to accept as truth matters to you, in your life because it will either open pathways for you to be successful in all your endeavors or it will be the block between you and what you would like to experience.

Seems simple, doesn’t it?

Remember the Law of Permission? This is it. When you accept a thing as truth, you are giving it permission to rule your life according to that truth. This does not go away unless the initial belief is replaced with something else. Years down the line, you will be having an issue with manifesting a thing, or you will be still struggling with the same old pattern, not having any clue as to why. Well, this is why. Because there is a belief in your chakra that disallows your divergence from the corresponding experience.

You do not have to know what the initial belief is in order to change it. The experience that you are attracting will tell you the belief. Here, it is important to remember that ownership comes before change. If you cannot accept in your conscious mind the limiting beliefs that you hold, you cannot choose to change them. It is much better just to accept it and proceed with the remodeling of the belief.


We think that all of you will feel relived when we say, affirmations are becoming old school. They have a place. They are wonderful for maintaining a vibration and assisting with adjustments. They are an example of deliberate thought. The ideal situation is to think so many deliberate thoughts that the unconscious thoughts will be replaced. But this use of affirmations is not a one size fits all and there is a faster way of going about it. This does not mean neglect to use affirmative thoughts. This does not mean Affirmations are not essential. On the contrary, Affirmations are a component of the process we will give to you for replacing beliefs. But up until now, for many of you, you were trying to use affirmations as a cure all. We are giving you one additional piece of the puzzle to make this more effective for you.

The Process

This is going to be a visualization technique to help you navigate your etheric energy system. The journey will be in your mind’s eye, but it is no less real than you are.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are observing your energy body. Begin an energetic scan beginning at the top. Stop at your crown chakra and see what it looks like. How far up does the light from your chakra extend? Is there anything floating about? What color is everything? You will know what belongs and what doesn’t by the way it looks and the way you feel about how it looks. Anything that is not beautiful, shiny or bright, doesn’t belong and is a block you can investigate for removal. You may see sparkly things, light, gold, rainbow, blue, and you will see the colors of the chakras and how big their field is. You will see if they are dull or bright. Weak or strong. Spinning or stagnant.

When you find something that does not belong

Identify something that does not belong. Ask the question “What is this?” or ask the block itself. You may ask it what it’s name is or ask it what it is.  Let the answer come to you. It may be through feeling, knowing, a memory or flash of insight. Maybe you will simply hear a word. This is where the ownership part comes in. You are identifying exactly what this block is so that you can acknowledge it. Once you have identified the block, begin to look for how or where or why it originated. This does not have to be known, but it can assist in the revolution process. If you do not feel inspired to find the point of origination, you do not have to.

Next, you will decide if you are going to keep this thought or transmute it. If you are going to replace this thought with another one, first, you must transmute the old thought. Rendering it neutral so that it is not hanging out in the ethers, where it can find something else to attach to. This process will be intuitive. Once you decide to transmute the thought, it may simply turn to gold dust, or light. Maybe it will evaporate and disappear. One way is to create a golden sphere, place the block inside and spin the sphere until everything inside turns to light or gold and is transmuted.

This process may cause you to revisit deep wounds. If this is too painful, you do not have to go through with it. You may even desire to find a person who can complete this process for you. (There is a reference at the bottom of the post for that.) Our job is to inform you on how to assist you in doing this for yourself. You may find yourself readily able to complete this process, you may not, or you may require some practice. Even if you can complete this process, there is no one, ultimate aficionado of remote healing. Each person is unique. Each person has talents to find specific things and their process is unique. Trust that each time you attempt this, you will find what is ready to be transmuted in that moment.

The last step in the process is that you will create a new thought to replace the old thought. This thought must feel good and it will serve as the affirmation that you will practice in order to firmly solidify your new belief. Create the affirmation and place it in the corresponding chakra. You may create as many affirmations as you like to place in the chakras and variations of the same affirmation are helpful too. This tactic has a way of sealing up the cracks.

Remember your affirmations in order to practice them later. You do not have to remember all of them. Some of these blocks you have removed will leave behind patterns of thought. So long as you remember to ignore the negative thoughts and practice the positive thoughts, the block will not be reinforced in your mind. Removing the block first, makes the affirmations much easier. You will not always notice the positive changes that ensue because practicing a better way simply feels natural. Some blocks are harder, for various reasons, and require more deliberate thought after removal.

This process will work well for some and not at all for others. You may have a block which prevents you from performing this on yourself! Everyone has the potential to use this healing modality, but not everyone will feel as adept or successful. The good thing is that you now the way exists. As there always is a way to accomplish what you set out to do.

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To Separate Your Energy From That of Others

It is one thing to be aware of other people’s thoughts, it is another thing to be effected by it. Awareness is alright, although it is not always needed. One who is walking through the grocery store does not want to be bombarded by the energies surrounding them. It is only those select times in conversation when you would like to pick up on the other to be more fully aware of them. What about those times when you would rather not? This process is simple and effective to control the amount of energy you allow into your field. In a casual situation, if you observe someone, the moment you realize you do not like their energy, nor want to be aware of it, look away and divert your attention. Go about your business. This is all you must do. When you are engaging with someone and their negative energy seems to be effecting you, even if it is strong, the following visualization is all you need in order to stop the transference.

Imagine that you have a deflective shield surrounding you. All of the energy they send to you, even if they are trying to manipulate you or if their energy feels overpowering, will bounce off of your shield and back to them. You are not hurting them, you are simply sending their own energy back to the source/sender. Thinking of these words “send back to sender” can be a helpful way to focus. Be calm as you are doing this and hone in on your own center. Know that you do not have to be effected if you choose not to be and it is as simple as that. This can work the very first time that you try it, but as with anything, you will get even better results with practice.

It is our united intention that you find this information helpful, empowering and in the perfect timing.

Thank you <3