Standing In Your Power

Standing In Your Power

Goddess Quote

I am not property, I cannot be owned. I am not a prize, I cannot be won. I am not a possession, I cannot be possessed. I am not a toy, I cannot be bought. I am not damned, I cannot be guilted.

I AM mighty Goddess Strength, and I am led by my soul, which is connected to the great all that is. I AM freedom, the only rules I follow are the ones which dance upon my heart with delight. I AM discernment, my knowing is unwavering. I AM Goddess of Love, I will reside within, no matter how the world tries to pull me out.. I cannot cease to be what I am. I can only embrace it, or deny it. I AM the POWER of all that is. Of Love itself. I know, therefore, I AM. I do not require your understanding. I am the first of my kind. I AM.

In the face of opposition, of manipulation, of influence, of the lower vibrations of consciousness that try to pull you, and throw you off, like a storm in the middle of the ocean, remain strong in your center and do not be fooled. Only you know what you are. Only you know the truths of the cosmos. The truth of Love. Overcome the fears that lie to you and weaken your will. Humans will pull apart reality and molest truth in every way possible, in order to keep up their defenses. The walls around their hearts have become so precious to them. Without them, they die. But what they fail to fully realize is the rebirth that awaits them beyond death. Like a crab, shedding it’s old body. Only then, can it become more. Do not allow their fears to become yours. Do not allow their twisted sense of moral to deconstruct all that you have learned about what Love and Power truly is. Do not succumb to their wishes in order to appease that which can NEVER be appeased. I will tell you, this is the easy way. If the world must show you, you will know the hard way. Underneath, all that is, is ALL THAT IS. Be unapologetically you.


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