Twin Flames; Standing Up For Yourself

Twin Flames; Standing Up For Yourself

Twin Flames, Lightworkers and Empaths all tend to have difficulty standing up for themselves. We can do it to an extent, but part of what we are here to learn is how to do this better, in the name of self love. Here are some tips and support to help you see the fine line and follow through.

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Twin Flame Tough Love; Pillow Talk with Dan & Elise

Twin Flame Tough Love; Pillow Talk with Dan & Elise

“If the Truth stings, does it mean I am not compassionate or does it mean the truth stings?”  I am completely dedicated to sharing with each of you whatever it is that I think is going to do you the greatest service on your journey and I have a very grounded approach in my teachings. I think the very best teachers  are definitely the most grounded. You need to know exactly how to apply spiritual concepts in your daily, 3D life. Despite my very forthright approach, I have found that most everyone I come across is still is able to see that I do all that I do with love. But tough love, no matter how helpful it proves to be in the end, can still sting initially. I am sharing with you a Tough Love scenario that I had with Dan, that changed our lives greatly and for the better. The idea with tough love is always that it gives you the right push, in the right direction or opens your mind in such a way that benefits you more than any sugar coating ever could. With Love <3

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