“Why Don’t I Manifest Union?…”

“Why Don’t I Manifest Union?…”

This is the problem, is that when THEY REFUSE TO GIVE U WHAT U WANT, YOU SAY “THEY” HAVE THE PROBLEM. the alternative is not to bash yourself, question your worthiness, or blame yourself. But, AS THE SOLE CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY, YOU ARE THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING THAT DOES OR DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. YOUR TWIN FLAME DOES NOT EVEN EXIST OUTSIDE OF YOU. The only reason you don’t know that well enough is because your hand doesn’t go through them when you touch them, but it may as well. They have no choice but to be responsive to what you are eliciting most powerfully from them, vibrationally/telepathically. I know that this can be so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can “know” this for years and work on yourself, and get nowhere!!!! Knowing, “it’s me, somehow, I am creating this.” But, do you feel the disempowerment in that, still? THE SOLUTION IS NOT TO CONTROL THE SITUATION BY CONTROLLING OR ETERNALLY FIXING YOUR BROKEN SELF. NO. I think most people on the walls of this group take on that approach. “it’s my fault, so I am fucked up and I have to fix myself. THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION AND THAT IS NOT THE THOUGHT THAT YIELDS UNION. HERE IS WHAT YIELDS UNION, ARE YOU READY?: Focusing on “growth” is not the answer, because inside that intention is this acknowledgement that “I am imperfect. I am not there yet. I have issues” So, you are actually highlighting the issues and perceived brokenness, but most importantly, by trying to fix a problem you highlight the problem most significantly. The outlook that attracts union is HAPPY. Now, happiness and growth really are significantly related. Twins ;), but, the slight variance in the intention and focus is all it takes to tip the scales in a far different direction. One that does not end in a vicious loop going nowhere satisfying. If you seek happiness and an eternally optimistic outlook, you cannot help but to learn. BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF LEARNING IS TO BE HAPPY. I ASKED MY GUIDES (ABRAHAM), WHY I HAD TO LEARN SO MUCH, IF THE WHOLE POINT OF IT ALL IS SO SIMPLE. TO BE HAPPY. TO MAKE IT EASY AND SIMPLE, TO BE OK, TO JUST BE HAPPY AND JOYFUL!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAID? “You had to learn that much so you could KNOW how to just be ok. How to just be happy. How to just be simple” OMG, GUYS, THAT’S THE POINT OF IT ALL, AND IF YOU GET THAT POINT, YOU WOULD MANIFEST UNION SO INCREDIBLY FAST!!!! But, if you have to be on an eternal search for answers and growth and truth for 20 years (like me) so that you can figure out how to be happy, then that is your very valid process. But it’s just a detour. EVERYTHING IS JUST A STORY. YOUR PAST AND YOUR INTERPRETATIONS OF THAT PAST. THE TWIN FLAME EXPERIENCE IS JUST A STORY WE CREATE TO MANIFEST A VERY AMAZING EXPERIENCE (THAT’S WHY U HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR STORY TO ATTRACT UNION) WHO YOU ARE AND WHO THEY ARE AND WHY, IS JUST A STORY. If you want to get to the heart of the matter and get to it fast, just be happy. If you don’t know how to be happy, now, you have your heading. But, its not about anything but being happy and if you know that, you might shorten your trip and have a much more pleasant one. Don’t get it twisted. Stop telling stories you don’t want to manifest. Be better at managing your thoughts, they manifest. Whatever I think yesterday, manifests today. I have to be REALLY good at managing my thoughts because the more conscious you become, the faster the manifestations role in. So, it’s this dance of becoming more aware, managing your thoughts, seeing the feedback loop and adjusting. YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE FINE. YOU DON’T NEED THEM. THERE IS NO URGENCY HERE. YOU CAN BE HAPPY DOING A MILLION OTHER THINGS THAT SERENDIPITOUSLY AND SUDDENLY WOULD LEAD TO THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW. BUT, DON’T NEED TO EARN YOUR MANIFESTATIONS BY TRYING TO FIGURE SOMETHING OUT TO CREATE THIS STORY TO MAKE IT BELIEVABLE TO YOU. YOU ARE ALREADY HERE, WORTHY AND U CAN RECEIVE IT NOW. EVERYTHING ELSE U CREATE IS JUST A STORY, GUYS. CREATE THE ONE THAT IS HAPPY AND WORTHY RIGHT NOW.
-SOURCE: Jasmine Seer Manifest Twin Flame Union




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“THE ONE” Visualization Process to Attract an AMAZING Love

“THE ONE” Visualization Process to Attract an AMAZING Love


This is an exercise, to assist you with visualization. Use this as an inspiration to focus upon your ideal, perfect, Love. Use this technique for as long as it feels good. Then, surrender it all and move on. Create, create, create, then release and forget. This will help you attract an Amazing love, your Perfect Match, your Harmonious Twin Flame Union…

If you desire to manifest a thing into your life, you must

  1. Know what you want
  2. Be able to feel it
  3. become a vibrational match to it

By Focusing upon the essence of your desire, and including it, without introducing the vibrations of lack, you become a match to it and attract it.

In order to FOCUS, you must be able to capture a clear picture of your true desire. Visualizing and imagining, all in fun, is a great way to speed the process of attracting, if done properly.


  • Make sure that you use this exercise as an inspiration, and include, exclude, or change, according to what you most truly desire.
  • Make sure that you focus on the essence of your desire, not the lack. if you begin to feel bad, divert your focus to something else and return to it when you feel better and excited to do the process.
  • GET CREATIVE!! You can go on and on, in your own visualization and imagination. Make it exciting to YOU!
  • Be easy. As long as you are having fun, you’re accomplishing the right vibration.
  • Once a day is sufficient.
  • When you feel the exercise is complete, surrender it and move onto something else. Part of the formula is to release it (surrender) to the Universe.
  • Trust and know the Universe is getting it done!!


He is my “One”, the one who understands me, the one who knows my truest thoughts and feelings, so deeply, as his own. He knows what I am thinking, before I do. He knows what I am feeling, before I do. He understands the delicate intricacies of me. He recognizes me, his Goddess… He sees me, and in his eyes, his adoration for me flows.. The love in his gaze is like a blissful waterfall of warmth. The purity of his essence flows to me, and I fully receive every breath, every moment, enraptured in this lustrous syrup of endearment. The air is dense with bliss when our eyes meet. There is no better word. No better way to describe what happens as we gaze into each other. All the Universes stop, and we are one, we are “The one” and all there is, is the presence of Love, itself. Perfection, perfection, perfection, is all I can think of you. You are the culmination of my desires….

…And when he says my name, his voice is the evidence of Love…

He is hot with passion, and his love is full of pleasant surprises.  My love for him is the sweetest existence. I am enraptured by this love. I am captured by his temple, which envelops me in delight. There is no better love than this. There is no greater existence. This is heaven, this is bliss, the air is thick and abundant with satisfaction and joy.This love is supernatural, even we can hardly believe, this treasure chest of Love… Even as we gaze into each other, the pleasant surprise is a never ending story our hearts tell, silently, as we are whisked away by this endless tsunami of elation. We both “know”. There is no better, there is no other, and this, is where we want to be. Mutually, obsessively, compulsively in Love.

…The world can’t handle it, and we don’t care….

Enchanted by intense, shameless pleasures, and we just can’t get enough. We are mutually obsessed, and we love it. His eyes just take me in, and I am his, in a way that I cannot describe. He is so beautiful… I cannot resist. He looks at me and the whole of me lights up. Body, Soul, and Mind… All of me is his, and he is giving himself to me, in perfect love, every time. The presence of him is every essence of what I desire. Physically, the attraction is immense. I can feel it in my body. My eyes scream with delight when I see this man. My body trembles when he comes close. I love my skin on his skin. There is no greater home than this. No separation between us. He is fully mine. Our hearts are together, our minds, the same… We see eye to eye an through each other. This Union of hearts transcends all things. Bliss is where we live. More than togetherness, we are one. More than agreement, we are unity. More than attraction, we are love. More than beauty, we are perfection. More than pleasure, we are orgasmic. More than satisfaction, we are complete.  There is no greater destiny than this. We are destiny. We are inseparable. We are two halves of the same whole, we belong, every desire, every whim, complete through this Harmonious, perfect Union. There is no separation, only ONE. Every desire, every gap is fulfilled. Every piece is present and every space, complete. He is every missing puzzle piece, falling into place, and there is nothing left to want. He is all of my desires and perfections rolled into one, presented on this silver platter of love. Harmonious… desirous…. I created you… you created me…. we are same…. we are one…. I thought of you because I wanted you, someone JUST LIKE YOU, and now, you’re here, and I will never be the same. I am your creation and you are mine. Created to the perfection of this ever, evolving, dazzling, profound masterpiece of love. Love in action, love in motion. Love in form. Love in abundant, infinite, orgasmic, blissful, ecstatic, harmonious, perfection. We move together, we be together, we do together, we are  in Union, in contentment, in happiness, in joy, in everlasting love. You are my all, my Universe, and I am Goddess in your eyes. Our Universe’s make love, as we dance to the song of love, together, always, pure and powerful fulfillment. Our love is easy, our song is forever, our joy is immense, love intense, and there is no force greater than this bliss, this kiss, this love, this hug, your skin on my skin makes the world ours. We are a force, as we walk, doors open, people dance, the universe moves, paths clear, and no matter what shall happen, we find ourselves right here, in bliss, in ease, in ecstasy, in fun. To my eyes, there is no other. There is only the perfection of you. The perfection of us. The force of love we are. All of existence has recognition of this. That this love is the most powerful force there is. You are my everything, we are everything, and no-thing can be greater than this. Union, Unity…Love.

A Union of Hearts Which Could Only Be termed Twin Flame Union…