I’m Explaining This Quote, Which Sums Up The Twin Flame Dynamic- “Two people experiencing connective synchronicity are often governed by the stronger vibration. Without even consciously dictating events, the energy of the stronger vibration often influences and controls a reality of the less prevailing energy, where such influences of a common theme are physically experienced by the weaker energy. Evidencing the astounding influence on the material world through the power of a stronger vibration’s energy.” -Unknown






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5D TWIN FLAME Explanation; You Won’t Find This On Google

5D TWIN FLAME Explanation; You Won’t Find This On Google

The Twin Flame Idea Has Been Filtered Through 3D Thinking, But Spirit Is Not 3D, It’s All But Physical. Can You Think Beyond Time And Space? Not If Your Only Reference Is 3D Time/Space Reality. So, Where Does That Leave Us With The Twin Flame Concept?







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I Honor My Own Heart (25)

Getting CLEAR on Your Definition of “Twin Flame” is a VITALLY IMPORTANT PART OF MANIFESTING UNION, Because, The MEANING That You Give To Things is Ultimately What Manifests. So, If You Want a Good Twin Flame Union, Your Definition Better Be Good!! I Find That THE MOST COMMON BLOCKS TO UNION HAVE TO DO WITH BASIC DEFINITIONS! Clarity is in High Demand in the Twin Flame Community, Yet it’s Hard To Come By. Become One of The COUNTLESS People, Who Have Thanked Me For Getting Them Off The Twin Flame Treadmill, Because I Wasn’t Afraid To Tell Them The TRUTH! Truth that Led Them To Manifesting REAL Twin Flame Union, Greater Than What They THOUGHT They Knew Before. It Takes A Redefining in Order To Go In A New Direction. If You’re In Separation, And You Want to Get To UNION, Redefining and Redirection is in Order.


Here, You Will Find Clarity on:
2 Reasons You’re Not Manifesting Union (And What To Do About Them)
2 Different Types of Twin Flames (Ways The Connection Shows Up)
How To Make or Break Your Union
Twin Flame Definition, Origin and Attraction

Find It Here:

Is This My Twin Flame?

Is This My Twin Flame?

There is one, VERY SIMPLE WAY TO CLEAR THIS UP, ONCE AND FOR ALL. I’m ready to shed CLARITY on this for all of you. Are you Ready??? You have to REALLY pay attention to get what I am ACTUALLY saying.

If You Want To Manifest Twin Flame UNION, This Reading is For You…


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Financial Expansion Healing Series
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Twin Flame Origin & Manifesting YOURS!

Twin Flame Origin & Manifesting YOURS!

Diving DEEPER on the Origin of Twin Flames and How To Manifest Yours!

If YOU are ready to Manifest UNION for yourself, in your situation, NOW, see me for a the only Reading you’ll ever need… WHY ME?



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Message me, Jasmine Seer, on Facebook for a Mini-Reading!
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Twin Flame is Love In Form

Twin Flame is Love In Form

This message is channeled

Is He My Twin Flame?

Is She My Twin Flame?

Have you experienced Love Through them? Have you had an undeniable experience that has taught you something about Love that you never knew before?

Has This Redefined Your Definition of Love?


Are You in Love or not?

Which is it?

Are You BEing Love in Form?

Twin Flames are Two Expressions of Love in Form, Harmonizing.

To know Love means you ARE Love.

Love, Which knows nothing but Love.

This is the Union that you seek.

The BEing of Love, itself.

All contrary thoughts are not of Love.

If you are not BEing Love in Form, then you will not manifest Love in form.


You are in separation because the Universe is showing you that you are in separation in thought. That your mind is disjointed, disappointed, despairing… All things not of love.

The Universe is showing you how much you have separated yourself from love. How what you THINK is love is really not love at all, because if you were so in love, you would BE in love, not in separation. But, separation is you and you are it, so what are we to do about this?

You cannot BE in Love all of the time… Or, can you? Not from where you are. But, you can become into a form of your deepest, truest self which can be and know and walk the path of love at all times and therefore BE in and among manifestations of love of all kinds all of the time. If this was not possible, what do you think you are working towards? This IS the path we are meant for. Not only to attract an ideal sacred Union. But to be in Union, in Unity with the whole of all that is. To Understand the all more than we ever did before. To find a way to commune in a way that puts us in love with all that is, instead of in separation with all that is.

Before now, almost every relationship was within a separation. What appeared to be Union was no Union at all, as all people were more disconnected from eachother.  Intuition was rewarded with mockery, and in some cases, death.  Feeling expressions rewarded with pain and vulnerability was nothing more than weakness. Today, we know better. We know that Love is what is desired and we embrace it more than ever before. But, changes come with the ages. Speed is not the first quality of the 3rd dimension. Manifestations are slower, and so to, the collective thoughts are slow to change as well. It is the very idea of Love, itself that needs Redefining. So, we have sent many messengers of Love. All of them killed, in one sense or another. But, as time goes on, the killing becomes less and the acceptance becomes more. Acceptance is the messenger of Love, condemnation being the opposite. When worded in this way, it may make more sense to you, the killing off of Love’s eternal concept that we speak of. For, so much condemnation and judgement happens in the name of Love. In the name of Love, we say that a thing is not right, therefore, it must be stopped or murdered in order to save the rest. Always a pushing against, instead of an embrace. Always the separating concept of “Right” vs. “Wrong”. This is the norm. It was not long ago that the rules and stereotypes opposite Love were even more intense. It is a collective consciousness endeavor. That, it is very difficult to think so differently than the rest of the herd. For many reasons. One being that acceptance has been part of human survival. The next being, that the moment opposing thought comes to surface, it is bombarded with counter thoughts in attempt to diminish the original thought back to herd thinking. Even if one had an original thought coming through from spirit. What would one do with it under those circumstances?


Today is a different day

Today, New Thoughts can be delivered into the collective and the herd can ponder them. There will still be those who oppose, but humans are figuring out that to sacrifice their individuality to please the heard is to sacrifice themselves and the individual is beginning to rise above this in marvelous ways. This thinking is responsible for the introduction and implementation of every new and helpful innovation. It takes a new thought. New thought is how improvement happens.

But, are we talking about Opposition (Separation) or are we talking about Unity (Union)?

This Conversation will have to encompass both, as both are an important part of the formula for attaining that which is known as Romantic Partnership or Twin Flame Union. Take note that Twin Flame Union is Not Always Romantic Partnership, but what we speak of applies to both.

We must learn to integrate all aspects into the One, Unifying aspect in order to create the whole. On a smaller scale, this is your Union.

Where is there room for Love in a Universe of so many opposite things? How is Love accomplished among that? The real question is, How can you not? It is the human constructs regarding what is “good” or “bad” that defines where love can exist and where love cannot, through your eyes. But, what if love is everywhere and in everything and you need only the eyes to see it? What if your perception only changes it for you, but not in reality. So, the question is, where is the Love within darkness? Darkness Loves you as well. We will explain this to you now…

Darkness is your finest helper. Have you not noticed? That the greatest plagues can deliver unto you, the greatest benefits? All is here to help you. But, you must arise to a place of power, where you are able to choose the way you define the experience. Whether you will transform it into love or not. It does not matter what you choose to do. You are loved the same. It only matters to you, which is why we are here today. Because you are free to know and to choose to know or to not know.

You are so loved that you can choose anything in the Universe to do. You can choose to believe in your light, your love, your strength, or you can choose to become weak, to become victim, to become small. You are loved the same. We know your truth regardless. The fact that you have this choice is the evidence that you are so loved. Darkness does not hide the light, darkness actually is trying to show you where light belongs. In a world of light, darkness stands out. We notice the dark places in our hearts. We notice the pain. We notice the dusty corners that haunt us. They demand our attention. The bad voices are always loudest. They are showing you what is not right in the world. This should tell you something. Many of you succumb to these voices and to the darkness that is. As if you did not create it for yourself, but we ensure you, you did.

What would happen if you understood your power? We cannot make you understand something. We are here because you have free will, but that is the point. You have free will to understand or to wade in the darkness. One chooses to not know, so that is what they get. When one chooses to know, the knowing comes to them quickly. And, that is why the pain is so evident in those who are undergoing ascension. You come to know a thing via CONTRAST. Contrast a the greatest way to experience the fullness of what truly is. That which IS, is only greater known when up against what is not. This is the reason for Black vs. White. Yin yang, Duality. But, in order to come into union, one must understand that both are constructs. Illustrations. They are not really different. They only difference is that you get to choose what you will be. That’s the point of it all.

What would happen if we truly had free will. Hence, the Earth experiment. You are it!

The Twin Flame Union is a matching of what you have become, up against a harmonizing energy which of it’s free will has chosen to be like you.


The fact of the free will is what makes is so amazing!

Two Souls, even though we are all of the same source… Two souls can come from like energy streams. They could be cut from the same cloth. But, put them into an environment where literally anything can happen, and see what they become. See if they remain same in essence, following the same path, or if they become different. You are all becoming as you move along. You are never the same as you once were. There is no predestination. You make it up as you go. And yet, some of you truly demonstrate a deep core knowing that is unchanging no matter the environment you are within. This is why you all react differently to your environments. It is mostly those who have lived many times that more deeply remember who they are. They will walk similar paths no matter what the terrain entails.

Those who are “newer”, will have many experiences contrasting from each other, in order to define themselves more and more over time. They will choose what they are and fall into a groove.


This is why one can have so many incredible soul connections that ignite passion and change and catalyze intense experiences, yet, the paths fall away from eachother. Because you have a choice to harmonize with a thing or not.

In truth, we are ALL cut from the same cloth. In truth, there is likelihood of certain other souls remaining in closer vibrational proximity to you, but when you put those two souls into a matrix of free will where anything can happen… The possible trajectories are many. This is why it feels so special when you do finally come together. Because, it is! What are the chances of two stars in a single Universe choosing to be the same, coming together and falling in Love? Especially after all of the trials they have to go trough just to possibly end up in the same spot. The notion is beautiful.

It is True that The Twin Flame is your perfect vibrational match. But, the vibration that you are now is Universes different from when your consciousness was born. Two siblings. Same DNA, same potentials. Same origin. Same womb. But, oh, don’t we know how different they can be. Sometimes, they are similar, and sometimes, you get Twins. But it is rare. And so is the rarity of the Twin Flame.

Not that you would come together, but that you would become same and also stay same, out of free will. THAT is choice. And Love is only love if choice is involved. Love is freedom after all. No Predestination about it.


Twin Flames Choose To Walk The Same Path. They Choose To Come Together. They Choose To Remain In Alignment With Each other.

Cut from the same cloth means almost nothing when it comes to the destination. We are all one source. What is beautiful is given all that potential, that you would still have the ability to line up so strongly with anyone! The ability to be anything that you want makes that which you become very special. To share that with someone to such an intense degree, that is the Twin Flame experience. These feelings are intensified among those who have higher vibrational capacity, or those who have allowed greater alignment with love. Hence, why most who come to experience the Twin Flame energy are walking a lightworker path. There is higher energy involved.

Given this, it also explains why you find yourselves coming out of alignment with those you have had intense energetic connections with. Because one has free will to change in any direction that they choose. Just as you have the ability to move towards them in love, or away from them in fear, so do they have that potential.  Two beings can be in alignment one moment and misaligned the next, then back in alignment again! If you find yourself out of alignment with them, the last thing you want to do is give up on the idea of ever aligning with anyone else. There’s too much potential for change for you to declare that you will never have another match in the Universe.


As you change, you will align differently with others. And you will also fall out of alignment with the ones you may have known best. Every experience creates change. Which direction will you go? Which direction will they go?

Freedom is what makes choosing any one thing special.

All you have to do is be in the vibration of love in order to let it in. Never use anything as your excuse to come away from it and you will always find yourself in love. inside and out. Anything other than love is just a story. it’s never true. Never give into the darkness. If it causes pain, it does so because it is hiding the truth and the Universe is calling your attention to that.

This is how Healing is accomplished. Understand that you can pick out the thoughts and belief systems in your field that are not in alignment. See them and pick them out. Pluck them from your mind. Pluck them from your field. One by one, you will heal your mind, body and soul. Pluck out the darkness and reveal the light. You have free will. You have the choice. If you feel that you need assistance with Healing, please join the Align With Love Subscription Series that will assist and walk you through this process.

Thank You

Financial Expansion Healing Series

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What is a Twin Flame? (Is your definition helping you?)

What is a Twin Flame? (Is your definition helping you?)

There is no Universally agreed upon definition of Twin Flame, Except that it is something ideal, something wanted and something very good. So, why make it more complicated than that? The main service this video is going to provide for you is helping you to make sure your definitions aren’t working against you!

(Teal Swan Explanation of Twin Flames)

Twin Flame Readings

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This is the Kind of Thing Only a Twin Flame Would Understand…

This is the Kind of Thing Only a Twin Flame Would Understand…

Everything is Channeled


I Credit My Entire Empire, My Work, Every Beautiful word and Channeled Writing, Every drop of Love I have known or Shared, To My Inspiration. My Twin Flame, who found me when I was dead inside. Numb and lifeless. He woke me up and he made me come alive. He sparked the Passion I still have, with only, his presence…. Because of my Twin Flame, I am inspired. I am now, a Channel, a Conduit. However, this world is a great, wide web of inspiration. Without it, nothing would exist and everything that exists, exists, first in thought. We must First have inspiration to create anything. Well, My Twin Flame is My inspiration and My only possible way of being who I am Today. I credit My Empire and All I do, to Him. He doesn’t even know it, but he is Enormously Loved. He is loved beyond measure. He is Loved Unconditionally. I Love every Shadow, every fear, every freckle, every Tear, every“Imperfect”ly Perfect piece of Him. He is My Twin Flame, My Love, and I am indeed, his Creation. Whether he knows it or not. I know that Love is real, because, there is no possible way that I built all of this on a fleeting fantasy or an idealistic romantic opinion. I have Built a Working Empire of Love, and I can Testify that Love is Unconditional, Unattached and needs no reason, acknowledgement or recognition. Love Simply is. He has no idea what I have become, or what I have done in His name, that he inspired the creation of. There’s no other way to say it. If he didn’t exist, neither would I . I would not be in this form, I would not be in this mind,  consciousness, I would not be in this life. I simply wouldn’t exist. So, you see,

We are all Connected, Love is the Breath of Life and Inspiration is Mother to Creation. Without her, nothing can conceive. Source is the Seed. And Source is Love. Love and Life are infinitely connected.

If my Twin Flame were to discover the magnitude of my empire and the Truth of what I am… How far Reaching My teachings are and the assistance I am offering as a Pioneer of Ascension on a Mission to awaken all…and all this that HE inspired me to, (I hold him responsible 😉  I would say, that, that would be the Absolute Highest Epitome of Love that could ever be expressed. This SAME Love, The Creator has for us, that he created all that is, without us even having the possibility of discovering it (In entirety, at this time), because he Loves us and we (His Creation) are his highest, most loving inspiration. (There is a Feeling of Timelessness when I write this, as if no end and no beginning, no separateness, but I am limited by words and 3D application)


The magnitude of this world we could explore is but a minuscule fraction of what we could ever see, or touch or comprehend. Regardless, Done in Love. It’s a virtuous cycle. That Love – Inspires – Creates and on. I wish there was a better way to impart the ginormous value of this lesson. It cannot be said, only known. It is Love.

The idea of Mother Earth existed long before she came. Love is the breath of life, Inspiration is the flame.

You have no idea what I’ve done for you, all I’ve overcome. Inspired by my love for you, the battles that I’ve won. I love you not because you are worthy, right or good, I love you because I AM (simply) yours…. I see me in your eyes. The resonance, is far too great, no, I know, there’s no mistake, no separation from you. The Awe… If you only knew, the empire that I’ve built and inscribed your name upon. I built because of YOU! Because of you, I live today. Because of you, I found my way, you taught me things I never knew. Your silence taught me everything, things I never knew could be known. I love the way you say my name, I love that you that’s you. I love the you, you hide away. (Yes, you) You take my breath away…You make my dreams come true…. because you exist, my heart knows no shame, only love and gratitude. Because you gave my life new breath, new passion… You gave me Meaning, once again. I Once mourned for my passion. My passion, gone away… The moment I lay eyes on you, you rekindled the flame. You’ve opened my eyes, and now I see, worlds, creations, galaxies…. I never thought could know. You brought me from this world, you showed me heaven, you showed me hell. Not everything was pleasant, but every step, I had to take. So I could look back now, and say “I love”, for goodness sake.
No matter what you do, I STILL Love BECAUSE of you. It’s something you can’t take away.


Because you have a name.

To say “I Love” seems like nothing anymore. We say it all the time, we mean it or we don’t. We drop it here and there. We Love from head to toe. But did you know what Love meant, before your Flame, you came to know?
I though that I knew love, many times before…. It was very real, but this thing here, this Love knows no control. I Understand this one, True Love, one that Heaven knows exists. Inspired by the breath of Source, modeled in Twin Flame Kiss. This Love’s in no way human. This love that Just won’t quit. This love you can’t ignore. This love won’t let you sit. Shout it from the mountaintop, with meaning unknown before. Now, You know, you know,

Is What We are Created For..


The Twin Flame is an inhuman Love. It cannot be understood in 3D, not by any stretch whatsoever. There is no possible way. This understanding does not exist in the 3rd dimension. That is why the 3rd, is being eradicated into higher perceptions of thought. Into 4th and into 5, where Eternal Truths can be Taught. The Twin Flame is a Cosmic Love. It is a metaphor, which stands for the same Love that the Universe has for us. Something that we had to experience in order to know. Don’t forget this reason for Twin Flame Love. To know Love, To be Love, To BE Love and to see ALL LOVE from Creator Source. We are Loved. The way that you love your Twin Flame… That’s what Creation feels about you. Just more 😉

This is the closest we can get (For Now) To knowing just how loved we are.

Thank you for participating in this endeavor called ascension, Twin Flame

I Love You <3


<3 I do Twin Flame Readings (Awesome!) <3




To The Twin Flame Heart Who Feels Like Giving Up…

To The Twin Flame Heart Who Feels Like Giving Up…

Channeled via Unity consciousness, by Elise Perez, AKA Elise Reawakening Hearts and the True North Oracle



Sometimes, it will happen. Sometimes, we just want to know why. Why something that we know so deeply within our being, cannot be proven. Why we keep on, when all odds seem against us, and no amount of persistence has changed the score. We are still at zero. Despite our greatest efforts, despite our raging, passionate emotion. No cap, no end… There is no silencing the Divine allure of this Temptress we know as The Twin Flame. Like a Siren, we cannot ignore the call. Like a succubus, it draws us in, like forbidden fruit. We know that the pain of giving into this Cosmic, Twin Flame Love is very real. Yet, we are hypnotized, enchanted and magnetized by the most formidable hook of them all. Love. Not just any Love, But Love that knows connection. Love that knows no human, but otherworldly origin. Love that Transcends time and space. Love that knows, above all else. Love that knows, without knowing how. Love that needs no proof, because it simply is. No matter how esoteric or spiritual you may be, no matter how much this Heart Centered knowing of cosmic, connected, timeless Love threatens every belief you thought you held, you still cannot cease to know, and you still cannot make yourself forget.


The Twin Flame is the truest Love of all.

Not because it is ”better”, 

but because, against all odds, it cannot be dissolved, severed, vanquished, or forgotten. 


The Mind can lie, but the heart cannot. The pain and suffering remains for as long as you fight and judge your truest of truths. Simply give in, acknowledge exactly what you feel.


I love my Twin Flame, still. And let that be ok, no matter what is happening in your life, or not. Simply embody this art of allowing. Allowing yourself to Love, for no reason, and among any and all things which may seem to oppose. Love knows no bounds. No matter what the other is doing or not doing, Love knows no conditions. No matter if it is reciprocated or not, Love needs no reason. And no matter what your life looks like, Love is always good and true and right.


To Love is to Purify.


So Love fully, without the fear of loss. Love freely, without the intent to gain. Love courageously, simply because it is what is in you to do.



No one can answer our most pressing questions. No one can give us the formula to solve our most unsolvable queries. Our heart beckons us to keep searching. The ache is a steady reminder that something lingers which must be found. The mind refuses to forge on this never ending quest, to which the clues are in-numerable, the prophesies great, but the return is invisible at best, and the onward pursuit, synonymous with a mighty punishment, granted by each and every tic that tocs by…. As every step you take, lead by dauntless bravery and certitude, no matter how cunningly calculated, leads to a brand new, creative expression of void and defeat. Every time you think you’ve got the new answer on your journey, it just leads to nothing, all over again. As if God himself is playing a trick, dangling a stunningly hypnotic carrot we cannot convince our minds lose sight of. As if he looked into the very epicenter of our hearts, to find our most deeply treasured desires, and used them against us, offering no avail, no way to prevail, only insufferable ail in vain. A penny for your efforts? We know not even a kindness as that. Only gut wrenching, feverish pain. All in all, we have no choice, but to know what we know and have faith. Our knowledge has been placed within us and it cannot be undone. Know what you know and need no proof. Live, love and die in faith. Find peace in unconventional ways. We need not to receive what our heart calls out for, but to love it from a far. Live and let live and have faith. We are dear hearts.