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Expanding Your Intuitive Abilities


“I created this course because so many people coming to me are highly intuitive, but don’t know it and definitely are not living up to their potential. I have come to understand that the road to Union is paved with joy, and the Road to your highest path and purpose is paved with joy. But, that you cannot follow your joy without sufficient use of intuition. So, expand the intuition, and you enable a person to manifest their dreams. The two go hand in hand”


This course is all about expanding your intuitive faculties and psychic awareness.
This Course Covers Divination, Channeling, Telepathy, Psychic Reading and more!
Tips, Tricks and step by step instructions that you can easily apply to become a better psychic and to get even more familiar with the massages coming to you from the Universe.

I have read MANY books on this subject and I found so many of them to be similar and completely lacking. Many of these tips and tricks are things that I came to know after years of application and expanding my own intuitive faculties.

Within this course, I also will let you in on the BEST books I have come across on this subject, so that you, too, can reap the benefits I know they will offer you.

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Here is a Review on this course:
” Hi Elise Perez, I’d like to thank you heaps for this course. It has helped my confidence by showing me that In on the right track. It has also helped me to stop being so hard on myself. You have made me aware of how much I’m actually feeling as an empath.
I was listening to the course as I was driving. To get to the city I have to drive up a large mountain. Everytime I get to a particular point, driving up the mountain, I find myself feeling fear about whether or not my car will make it..I’ve always been hard on myself for thinking and feeling this because I know too well that I don’t need to worry.
Well, the universe made a point of this for me this time, as the part where you describe that we pick up on ‘ feelings’ in places where a particular feeling is often, happened to come on just as I went through that section and began to feel those feelings. Yyayyy!! You so put my mind to rest by explaining this. It has helped me to calm down because I now know, that those kinds of feelings and thoughts are NOT my own.” – Anna